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Triple factors to end wangchuks in Bhutan

Many praised when tyrant Jigme Singye Wangchuk abdicated the throne in favor of his illegitimate son Jigme Khesar two years ago. Do these people praising abdication learn what the cause behind it was?

I think, they never. Here you get the real motive behind the abdication.

The wangchuk dynasty has run through series of conspiracies with the family circle since its establishment. Murder of some southern Bhutanese, the first prime minister Jigme Palden Dorji and Shabdrung were all meant for securing centralized power of the dynasty.

Jigme Singye’s father Jigme Droji was nearly killed in 1965, one year after the wangchuks in a treacherous conspiracy killed Jigme Palden Dorji. Since he learnt conspiracies since childhood, Jigme Singye was aware that it would reappear when his son succeeds after his death.

In 1972, the sons of Yanki had all set the stage to blow up entire Tachichodzong. Over 12 trucks of weapons had crossed the Chukha check post. The Yanki faction had planned that no member of the wangchuk dynasty would be spared. But she herself was in India when conspiracy progressed.

It was Nepalese in Phuntsholing, trying to be loyal to wangchuks, leaked out the entire plan. These Nepalese, trying to be loyal to wangchuks are now facing how human is the Jigme Singye. The Nepalese must have fed the snake with milk. No worry, the tyrants are always like that — treacherous, heinous and overtly selfish. Never support autocrats.

For almost two years, Jigme Singye did not go for coronation in fear that the conspirators will blow up the coronation function. After series of preparation, ensuring security that coronation celebration will not be hampered, Jigme Singye entered the throne room.

The Yanki and her family have been pushed out of the country. They today live in Delhi under Indian protection. Delhi is look all chances if these people can be used for ending wangchuk dynasty in Bhutan. After all, the Yanki’s family is also looking for similar support.

After the murder of Palden Dorji, the wangchuks also have threats from Dorjis. The Wangchuks have threats from Yanki and the Shabdrung’s followers. Considering all these situations, Jigme Singye decided it will be for the greater good of his dynasty to leave throne to son so that transition takes place very smoothly.

No worry, he has left the throne, all decision are carried out under his direction from backdoor.

Finally, it was not a good gesture that Jigme Singye showed by abdicating throne rather he left it, though he wished to be king even more years, to ensure wangchuk dynasty rules the country.


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