The gang-fight starts for republicanism

The king divided his allies into fragments in his ambitious plan to thwart the people’s movement for liberty, human rights and democracy. Mischievously, the master plan, the cliché would be road map as George Bush propounds, was intended to accumulate more powers for palace and the king though this would be obvious through diving the aides. Because, on ascend of any of these divided groups would seek his help for position in the government.

Finally, the Jigmes hope, the last resort for power tussle would rest on them.

The power tussle has already begun. Each party blaming each other, at the same time harassing the people to join their group to fight against the other. The major tussle has been observed between JYT and SN, both closest aide of the king.

The people in the villages in have been forced to join the parties. In Bumthang, Trashigang, Lhuentse; let they know the rest. In another sense, the palace is sowing hatred on party politics and multiparty democracy by encouraging the palace forces to mistreat the people. When people does not know what does election means, what does voting rights means, what does political party means and what these parties do, should we call enforcing them into party membership as teaching democracy?     

In fact, the groups formed to day are not parties, they are gangs of the vagabonds. Community and people’s sentiments do not change without revolution, unless the old systems are eradicated from the country.

Hereditary rules have ended phase-wise. It was eliminated from India in late 40s, eliminated from Tibet in later 1950s, eliminated from Sikkim in early 70s, eliminated from Afghanistan in early 90s and is ready for elimination from Nepal. Considering this trend, the monarchy in Drul Yul would survive at least for one more decade. However, the rate of change in perspectives of the thinking among people and mass education, the popularity of the Druk regime may not last that long as well.

Hopefully, the people of this country are getting ready to celebrate the moments when the feudalism is eliminated from the land.

Hurrah! For a Democratic Republic of Bhutan.


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  1. 1

    rose said,

    I am sorry to say that the politics in Bhutan is going to get dirtier than Nepal and India. On one side is King’s uncle with all the money and power with King’s backing and on the other side is well educated Ministers. It looks like the ministers are ganging up against Sangye Ngedup. Some people are happy that the ministers are going to fix up Sangye Ngedup which I very much doubt it. It will be interesting to watch.

  2. 2

    Dorji Tashi said,

    It is true that the time has come to smash the tyrants and burnt them alive one by one in the public to put and end to the dictatorial rule in Bhutan and establish a rule of law for the general good.
    It will not take much if the Bhutanese unitedy take bold and selfless step towards achieving the goal. No power can stop us!


    Dorji Tashi.

  3. 3

    rose said,

    Jigme Singye being a Budhist, I am sure believes in the principle of Karma. What goes around comes around. In his heart he knows southern Bhutanese were terrorised, beaten to leave the country overnight. People with small kids and elderly walked all night to get to the Indian boarder. Jigme pretended to beg the people not to leave in front of media but after he left, the same night the same people who were shown in the picture was driven out by the then Dzongda of Sarbhang, Dr. Sonam Tenzie. I believe Jigme is aware of this. Ethnic Cleansing of southern Bhutanese was planned in the palace. Now that Jigme has retired he must be praying hard for forgiveness. You can pray as hard as you want. Suffering of over hundred thousand people will haunt you forever. You uprooted them from their age old homes.

  4. 4

    Palace said,

    The palace did not plan ethnic cleansing; it was Tenath Rizal and his associates who planned greater Nepal and attempted to over throw monarchy in Bhutan. When the government of Bhutan tried to bring the perpetrators into justice, some of them absconded to Nepal and, in collaboration with Nepalese politicans, created ethnic strife in Bhutan.

    Our compassionate monarch genuinely pleaded all citizens in the south to be vigiliant and not fall pray to mischief mongers, but they were swayed by the fantasies of Teknath Rizal and co. and their false promise of establishing greater Nepal.

    As you have said, what goes around, comes around. That’s why people in the camp are paying the price for their karma. RK Budhathoki killed or ordered to kill innocent people, so he died the same way. Many psuedo leaders will face the same wrath sooner or later for their crime of holding the human warehouse.

  5. 5

    akutashi said,


    Bhutan gave your starving impoverished people refuge in your time of need, when there was nothing for you to eat and drink in Nepal. You shameless scums brought over your auntys uncles cousins and other wierd forms of life into Bhutan and still Bhutan fed you and gave you refuge. They all proved to be as shameless.

    And what do the Bhutanese get? Terror and disorder. You people are well known for your ambitions and your modus operandi. You come in with those puppy eyes and beg for food. Then you stick a knife when the hand that fed you is not looking. That is why NOBODY wants you scums…not even your own country Nepal. Why? Because you are the embodiment of disgust.

    So rose…what goes around does come around. Your two-faced race of disgusting shameless scums. One, the those with ambitions instilled into them by the parasite bloodsucking Koirala and his henchmen who thought they could overthrow the drukpa way of life. Two, the idiots and fools who followed them. Three, the innocent who had to pay for the crimes and sins of their group.

    If you want to beat up somebody for the situation you’re in, look no further than your own “leaders”. They are the ones who dragged you into the shithole you’re in. Bhutan had nothing but your best interests in mind, till you decided to shit in the same plate you ate in.

  6. 6

    lhapaa2 said,

    yes, what goes around will come around. the tyrrant like jigme killed so many innocent people. surely, in no years, his dynasty will be resting peacefully either in heaven or in China or india.

    the final stage of war will not create greater Nepal but a greater India. we are here in north-east to support the rebellion to be followed in Bhutan

    wait for a while, face the days!

    mera Bharat Mahan

  7. 7

    akutashi said,

    ..rantnings of a madman…go bang your head on a wall or something…

  8. 8

    rose said,

    Palace, we will wait and see how the principle of Karma works. For you guys bad days are only a year ahead. Majority of educated Bhutanese think Democracy will give you rights to fix up the people in power which is evident from the views expressed in different Bhutanese forums. This is exactly how the political problems in Nepal started.

    Another problem I see in Bhutan is Maoist. You know they are communists with radical views . As majority of Bhutanese are poor subsistence farmers, they live hand to mouth specially in Eastern Bhutan. It is easy to lure these people by the communists as communism promote equality for all. You know how vulnerable people in the East are in a situation like this. Secondly, West Bengal is a Communist state, no matter what the central Goverment’s policy is there will be communist party’s support to the communists wherever they are. Nepal’s Maoists couldn’t have progressed to the extent it did without the help of Maoisists in Bihar and W. Bengal.

    Eastern Bhutan is still iin a pathetic state after decades of implementation of five year plans. There are numerous places like Kangpara,Thrimsing where people are still living below poverty line besides being pockets of leprosy patients. Have the Government distributed power trillers to the Esatern Bhutanese like they do time and again in Paro, Punakha and Wangdi ??? They don’t need assistance from the Government because they have access to all the facilities, it is the Eastern Bhutan where Government need to shift their development program to. Eastern Bhutanese farmers need financial assistance to buy farm machneries, access to motorable roads. Couple of agrculture centres is not going to bring development in the East because people don’t have means to farm on a commercial scale.

  9. 9

    Palace said,

    Well, Rose, you guys have waited two decades for the bad day to come for Bhutan but it never did, and it will never. Obviously, there are discussions going on, and it is for good. No matter how bitter the discussions are, we are united for the purpose. And no intimidation can change the psychic of Bhutanese people’s love for monarchy.

    As far as maoist is concerned I don’t think they will have place in Bhutan. They may ponder for a while from the influence they had from Nepal, but they will eventually die because the general audience (the people of Bhutan) won’t be receptive to their outdated ideology. And I pretty much doubt that West Bengal government will officially support maoism in Bhutan. It is evident from the recent action government of West Bengal took against those long marcher.

    About the eastern Bhutan, I am sorry you must referring to eastern Bhutan 20 years ago. No more. It has changed a lot; most villages are now connect with farm roads. The farmers have access to market and have more cash in hand. Thrimsing and and Kangpara was connect with road in 1990, and people in this villages have contributed immensely on the export of fruits and handicrafts since than. Many farmers in the villages now have farming technology know how and increased the production. Bhutanese people have more productive things to do than indulging themselves to petty politics and maoism. I am sorry to tell you that your prediction won’t come true, at least in Bhutan.

  10. 10

    rose said,

    Palace, keep dreaming by painting rosy picture. You guys are good at that, look at how you have fooled yourselves with the concept of GNH.

  11. 11

    Palace said,

    GNH may be a fool for no brainer like you but it is now becoming an international economic philoshophy. It is well regarded in Canada and many European countries, and the US economists had several conferences on the concept of GNH. The American burgeoning societies seems to be quite content with the concept and many of them are now pursuing the GNH philosophy in thier economic activity.

    In one of the posts you mentioned that you are a legal resident living in New york and paying tax for the road that Bhutnaese people are walking on. I don’t know if ever get time to read newspapers since you must be working 12/7 to make a living. If not, Mr. Mark Gilbert, a columnist for Bloomberg News wrote…that spending more time with family and having sex as frequently as four time a week will give more happiness to americans than commuting between work and home and making more money.

    Rana Foroohar of Newsweek International writes…”After a certain income cap, we simply don’t get any happier. And it isn’t what we have, but whether we have more than our neighbor, that really matters. So the news last week that in 2006 top hedge-fund managers took home $240 million, minimum, probably didn’t make them any happier, it just made the rest of us less so.”

  12. 12

    rose said,

    Handfull of people in developed countries are fascinated by GNH because they can afford to. They live in the most developed countries of the World with highest per capita income, they have everything they desire. But in Bhutan majority of people are still living below poverty line. They worry everyday where the three square meals of the day come from. For them GNH is a big B S. You are speaking as a person living in the West, you don’t represent majority of Bhutanese.

  13. 13

    akutashi said,

    ..and what majority do you represent Miss “Living in the US legally” Rose?

    GNH is not a status symbol to have for countries that can “afford” to. It is an internationally recognized principle that is just waiting for a proper implementation…and it is a propogation of the drukpa nation…the drukpa ideology if you will..something your nepali folks never got around to doing because you were too busy “agitating” for this and that. Besides, a new government almost every year where you come from is not really a strong argument for your being well versed in regional politics. Maybe its a very normal thing for you and therefore believe that it will be the case in every country where democracy just stepped in. How democracy will fare in Bhutan, I don’t know…nobody knows. But we are damn near certain that it will work.

    Regarding the maoists, you see, there is a principle difference between the nepalis and the drukpas. If a maoist comes to a nepali and tells him “ see that biiiig house and the biiiig piece of land surrounding it?…Well…since we believe that everything should belong to the people and if you support us, that biiig house and the biig piece of land will be yours”, the nepali will whole heartedly join in and take a blood oath (that I’ve heard from so many people from Nepal). Say the same to a bhutanese, regardless of which village, and he will laugh in your face. One word: Cynicism.

    “They worry everyday where the three square meals of the day come from.”
    => No we’re not talking about nepal.

    “You are speaking as a person living in the West”
    => If you know Freud and the “freudian slip”, you just told us that you are still somewhere in the eastern hemisphere…Nepal maybe??

    So Miss “wish I was living legally in the US and paying for your road you walk on” Rose, I presume? C’mon, spare us the horse shit!

  14. 14

    I. P. Adhikari said,

    Dear Palace
    yu would be foolish if yu say the GNH founded in yur country. please visit and loearn more aboug the happiness philosophy. The JYT only copied the concept from this foundtion and lent it to JSW in exchange for a ministerial position.

  15. 15

    rose said,

    Aku, you are right Bhutanese will say Maoists are crazy , they don’t want the building because they are used to be suppressed and opressed. They can never ever dream of having a building as they are the victims of your so called rich culture which promotes feudalism .They are used to saying lhas la lhas la. Remember China too was feudalistic society before people embraced Communism.

  16. 16

    Palace said,

    IP bhai,
    Which world are you in? Look beyond Nepal’s poluted mountains and try to appreciate other’s capibility. A little search at google can help to find out who the architect of GNH is.

  17. 17

    akutashi said,

    Miss not-so-really-in-the-west Rose: A feudalistic society doesn’t automatically result in communism. Only Russia and China were feudalistic before they became communist countries (or at least so they claim..if you know anything about communism.. and totaliarism..which I seriously doubt). Nepal will be the first among the “democratic” to communist countries. Congratulations.

    Why did Rus/China become communist? Anybody with a basic education could answer that. Does the Bhutanese Monarchy have any resemblance to them? Yes? You’ve got to be kidding yourself. Go get a brain and write again when you’ve terrorised somebody into giving you one.

    Never dream of owning a building, you say? Like the “refugee leaders” you look up to? And how many buildings did the rich nepali economy afford them? Plenty..thats my least guess. You will never own a building like they do. Sad for you. 1-0 for the “leaders” vs their followers. Oh yeah…don’t you just love the warm fuzzy feeling you get when your “leaders” embark upon one of their motivating fight-for-your-rights we’ll-never-give-up fight-till-death speeches. Don’t you wonder what they you AFTER that? One guess…how can I bum some more money in the name of the refugees? Hmmm…my buildings need panelling…

    Adhikari: Get your hear out of your ass. I think its been there too long.

  18. 18

    Kzete said,

    You can say all you want about Bhutan but you can’t deny the fact that most Bhutanese are very happy to be Bhutanese.
    I’m a Ngalop(Western Bhutanese) and I consider the Lhotsampas(Bhutanese of Nepali origin) and the Sharchops as my Bhutanese brethren. But I don’t consider the so-called “Bhutanese refugees” currently residing in the refugee camps Bhutanese, not out of prejudice or hatred, but simply because they are not. If they were in fact Bhutanese, why would they try to overthrow the government, which is, mind I remind you, lead by a King who is seen as a god in the eyes of his subjects. Is it not blasphemous for one to reject God? Secondly, people were not forced to leave the country. This exodus was in fact incited by Teknath whats his face and his followers. Any weak-willed person who chose to follow him gave up his/her right to be called a Bhutanese by doing so.
    I encourage my fellow Bhutanese people to stay calm and not get angered by ignoramuses who know little about our country. They can hue and cry for all I care, because after all, what do these outsiders know about Bhutan other than the bullshit they read on the internet. On the other hand, we Bhutanese can rightfully claim that we are happy because we have lived our lives as Bhutanese in Bhutan.
    Oppression in Bhutan?? Maybe in feudal times but not now.
    Communism in Bhutan??? That would never work, for communism dictates the necessity of being an atheist while religion is an integral part of the average Bhutanese person’s life.
    In conclusion, all I really wanted to say is that we Bhutanese are happy and proud to be Bhutanese. For any other person thinking otherwise, what would you know? You’re not Bhutanese. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Yes, I am, I’m a refugee”, don’t disillusion yourself because you are not Bhutanese. By now, I know that it truly is a privilege to be born Bhutanese. And as all privileges go, it’s only understandable that the so-called “refugees” want to have it too. Dream on.

    I’m Bhutanese and I’m proud,
    and I say this out loud:

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