Triple factors to end wangchuks in Bhutan

Many praised when tyrant Jigme Singye Wangchuk abdicated the throne in favor of his illegitimate son Jigme Khesar two years ago. Do these people praising abdication learn what the cause behind it was?

I think, they never. Here you get the real motive behind the abdication.

The wangchuk dynasty has run through series of conspiracies with the family circle since its establishment. Murder of some southern Bhutanese, the first prime minister Jigme Palden Dorji and Shabdrung were all meant for securing centralized power of the dynasty.

Jigme Singye’s father Jigme Droji was nearly killed in 1965, one year after the wangchuks in a treacherous conspiracy killed Jigme Palden Dorji. Since he learnt conspiracies since childhood, Jigme Singye was aware that it would reappear when his son succeeds after his death.

In 1972, the sons of Yanki had all set the stage to blow up entire Tachichodzong. Over 12 trucks of weapons had crossed the Chukha check post. The Yanki faction had planned that no member of the wangchuk dynasty would be spared. But she herself was in India when conspiracy progressed.

It was Nepalese in Phuntsholing, trying to be loyal to wangchuks, leaked out the entire plan. These Nepalese, trying to be loyal to wangchuks are now facing how human is the Jigme Singye. The Nepalese must have fed the snake with milk. No worry, the tyrants are always like that — treacherous, heinous and overtly selfish. Never support autocrats.

For almost two years, Jigme Singye did not go for coronation in fear that the conspirators will blow up the coronation function. After series of preparation, ensuring security that coronation celebration will not be hampered, Jigme Singye entered the throne room.

The Yanki and her family have been pushed out of the country. They today live in Delhi under Indian protection. Delhi is look all chances if these people can be used for ending wangchuk dynasty in Bhutan. After all, the Yanki’s family is also looking for similar support.

After the murder of Palden Dorji, the wangchuks also have threats from Dorjis. The Wangchuks have threats from Yanki and the Shabdrung’s followers. Considering all these situations, Jigme Singye decided it will be for the greater good of his dynasty to leave throne to son so that transition takes place very smoothly.

No worry, he has left the throne, all decision are carried out under his direction from backdoor.

Finally, it was not a good gesture that Jigme Singye showed by abdicating throne rather he left it, though he wished to be king even more years, to ensure wangchuk dynasty rules the country.


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  1. 1

    Tshering said,

    Every Bhutanese know who murdered Jigme Palden Dorji. It was none other than Third King, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck . He was induced into by Yangki. For the people in exile, why doesn’t people ask Gup Khila?

    Yangki and her family did received Indian protection in their early years of flight. In 2004, Fourth king invited Sangay Tenzin, ‘husband’ of Yangki to Bhutan. Through him, Yangki and her family were invited to Bhutan. For their own reason, they didn’t return to Bhutan. As for Mr. Sangay Tenzin, he flows in and out of country.

    If you want to end the wangchuk dynasty , one only need to offer the Throne to one of ‘four brothers’. rest,….

  2. 2

    Nov 1939 said,

    Bhutan needs to be a republic! This can be achieved by promising to make someone related to Wangchuck but sidelined as the President for 10 years and the rest of the clan to be given the same status as the common man. That would be democracy in reality.

    • 3

      Jalda-Dhansiri said,

      Well said, Bhutan needs to be a Republic as the mammoth royal family is eating a part of the revenue. Corruption can be routed out. Visionary leaders should run the country.

  3. 4

    eupel said,

    My king..tyrant? Don’t u have any sense or maybe you are completely without sense..I am seeing this stupid..negative..idiotic post. N I regret I had not seen this scrap sooner..if my beloved king is a tyrant then I won’t be typing this post..and all the ppl of Bhutan wud dislike him..but for ur information ..we love him..he is the father of our nation..if he is a tyrant ..then why wud the ppl in phuntsholing leak the information? It’s bcoz we love him n that he is a great king..for ur kind information..ppl in phuntsholing are not Nepalese..they r called lhotsampa..and they r Bhutanese..ur idiotic post is a nuisance..

  4. 5

    jamyang said,

    This is a story without any validation!. In order for a story to be believable, you need to have proof with strong sources. The Kings of Bhutan were in People’s interest been working hard to promote the country to next generations to come.

    True there must have been few problems!, But to remark any leader as tyrant is in itself a mark of ushered insult, with motive to sidelining the Monarchy in Bhutan!.

    Point in Fact; People of Bhutan never wanted Democracy!. After The Kings declaration, people pleaded and went to his palace to keep it as Obsolete Monarchy. There was just two sentences King Replied;
    “Right now, I am the king, Whatever you call me, I have guided Bhutan with my right conscience; However if you have a wrong King in Future, what will you do ?”

    This statement alone is marked sense of Kings perception os future problems. Read more whoever post this posts.

  5. 6

    bhutanese said,

    I don’t know why people like you want to keep on typing this kind of crappy things…don’t you have any thing worthwhile to do then to write things about our Kings which are not true? You are misleading people with your shits but i know every Bhutanese won’t give a shit to your shit…..LOSER!!!

  6. 7

    star said,

    our king is not oly king of bhutan but god of bhutan..father of bhutanese..he done every thing to our people and we are following his path…we never see ..we never one is their in this world like our beloved king who is very concerning and caring to people…..

  7. 8

    Machiavelli said,

    Let me tell you two stories :

    1. In the 1960s , when our fourth king was still young , his father had a Tibetan mistress called yangki. She was amongst the Tibetans from Tibet who fled during the Chinese occupation and sought refuge in Bhutan . For 10 years she was publicly the Kings mistress and our Queen Mother Ashi Kesang became a side joker . K3 had two sons and two daughters from her . One son was same age as k4 . The Tibetans alongside Ashi yangki tried to assassinate K4 in Trongsa after he was walking back to his palace at night with the use of missiles . He was saved by a body guard . The Tibetans became powerful when yangki was mistress for almost 10 years . In fact the Tibetan officials often talk about how the officials in Dharamsala used to recieve very lavish gifts from the royal palace in Bhutan when she was the mistress . So the Tibetans saw that it they would kill K4 , her son who was same age as k4 would become next king since K4 doesn’t have any brothers . Their plan failed and the Tibetans with yangki fled to India . The bhutanese authorities tortured and ironed the skin of the Tibetans who were involved in the scheme and most of them fled Bhutan and the Tibetan government in exile had to create new settlement for them called Bhutan settlement in India .

    Lesson : when you lose your own country and somebody lends their hospitality and you take advantage , you will get ironed the fuck out. Learn gratitude .

    2. The lhotsampas came to Bhutan whenever whether 1700s during zhabdrungs time . But lots of illegals crossed to Bhutan from the border . K4 tries to create an identity in the 1980s and What do they do ? Revel against the king ? Burn the gho and Kira ? Refused to assimilate in the culture ?

    Let me ask you this : who founded Bhutan ? Did a Nepalese create Bhutan ? Is Zhabdrung a Nepalese ? No , he is a drukpa Kagyud saint . So living and eating from a country founded by a drukpa Kagyud master and saint who fought so many wars with the Tibetans and defended our country , don’t shit on our plates and disrespect our religion and customs and our founder by refusing to accept our culture . Bhutan was founded by a drukpa and it shall remain so just like America was founded by Christians and it should remain so . That doesnot mean other religions will not be tolerated .

    So the Lhotsampas rebel against the king and then gets bribed with the offer from the Nepali Maoists that if they join forces and overthrow the king they can rule country . They plot to kill young K4 in Kalimping during his hunting trip by running a bus into his hunting jeep. K4 was safe but his body guards died. Then they rebeled in te south and complain against getting chucked out .

    Lesson : don’t shit on the plate you eat . If you go to a land founded by a Christian man , respect Christianity . If you go to a country founded by a Muslim , respect Islam . If you go to Bhutan founded by a drukpa Buddhist , respect Drukpa . If you want to speak and be Nepalese , please go back to Nepal.

    Like the other Lhotsamapa in Bhutan today who are content and mind their business and appreciate the kings sacrifices and practice their own religion we appreciate them. So bottom like , bhutanese are survivors.

    Fuck with us and we will iron you like we did those small group of ungrateful Tibetans. Lol . Have a nice day .

  8. 9

    Hilly foods said,

    You’re such a pathetic human being!

  9. 10

    Yin said,

    I am not a Bhutanese but a mere Asian historian. First, your grammar stinks. Second, you don’t cite your sources, therefore, these are all rumors. Lastly, I have heard of the abilities of the Wangchucks and I have nothing but respect for the savviness and political wit. Not, only did they institutionalize patriotism, they kicked out political dissidents and illegal aliens (which by your tone, I’m betting you’re either one or is related to one). If only we have such decisive and wise rulers in my country, given our resources, we would be able to rise out of the mud we’re currently in.

  10. 11

    Thisisshit said,

    Ignorant whoever writes this blog. Your words are based on your disapproval of the kings of Bhutan. You wouldn’t even last a second in their place you dog, considering that tiny brain of yours. Don’t write without valid proof, I just wasted five minutes of my precious time reading your disgusting words. Rot in hell you moron.

  11. 12

    Dechen said,

    This thing jst sucks who ever wrote it u should go to hell .The Kings of Bhutan are great n no one gave u authority to post this kind of articles here

  12. 13

    dorjiwangmo said,

    I can tell you one thing! My Father worships our Kings and I do..! We love our Kings and blessed by our Fourth King! (I was googling errr for lack of better word and forgive me….for lack of a BETTER word er…) Ashi Yangki! as i felt bad her kids actually use our King’s WangchuCk?like they say you can’t you CANNOT demand respect! COME to Bhutan and see any occasion we might see or talk to our beloved King You will be baffled! I will advocate to ALL my countrymates AS WE LOVE OUR KING!!! Pls don’t run ur shitty site!

    • 14

      LEEEEE said,

      K3 gave the kids the title and every0ne acknowledged it. k3 queen was jealous of Azhi Yangkyi and did everything to blame her by fabricate lies. the k5 queen had a tibetanz boyfriend for many years, I’m sure you knew that…if so, then why do Azhi Y’s kids keep getting invited to Bhutan by the order of k5? so please don’t write shit. No one is at fault 2 much stuff was happening back then.

  13. 16

    dorjiwangmo said,


  14. 17

    Hahaha said,

    The demented author and his ranting online….Okay!

    Do you have any first had account of the incidents you cite here? You even don’t have updates on what is happening here… Please improve your english, learn better wordpress & PHP, and go get laid, looks like you need one for you are nothing but a naggy ‘NGOLOP.’

    Don’t you have better things to do than this? Please post back your claims with evidence.


  15. 18

    ME AGAIN! said,

    FUCK YOU IDIOT!!! Do you know anything, at all???

    Go watch a porn and jerk off, your blog is a waste of time…

  16. 19

    HELLO ME AGAIN! said,





  17. 20



    this is my DICK posting comment on your blog, I didn’t even use my finger to type coz your blog is like a whore-house rumor…


  18. 21

    FUCK YOUR BLOG said,




  19. 22

    fuck up said,

    my middle finger to this article……baseless fuck up pice of writing!!!

  20. 23

    fuck up said,

    go to he’ll the writer of the article is the son of the bitch

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