A new brand called ‘DEMOCRACY’ is in the market

This is not a wonder, if you think positively. In India, the nearest of all our alliance, the Gandhis-Nehru lineage should always come in the front. In Nepal, it is for the Koiralas. In Bangladesh, the privilege goes to Seikh and in Pakistan, the Bhuttos and their relatives.

All in all, the Maldives is for Gayoom and in Sri Lanka the god has given the authority to rule to country to the Bandaranayakes. The US is for Bushes against the Iraqi Ahmadijijad.

When you play the powers, it is always among the one family versus the other. Bushes quashed Saddams in Iraq. In Pakistan, the Bhuttos are always targeted by military regimes. In India, the Gandhis fall prey to Tamils and Gothes. In Nepal, the fight is between the Koiralas and the Shahs

In our case, the devolution of power has begun, yet in the same line being practiced in the countries I mentioned. It is by words, the campaign to empower the people, and in practice, to empower the relatives. As you empower you relatives, and as you remain above them, you would in no excuse amass the powers. After all this is a new form of democracy to centralize power in one’s hand with devolution of power to family members.

The nearest of the royal family JYT and SN has been announced the leaders to take over the responsibility of the state authority. For years, they had been in the power, they had ruled the country. When democracy comes, words have changes, system pretended, people in the authority have not changed, and the techniques of ruling will not change. Bhutan would get such a vibrant democracy next year that the rulers of a democracy will be dictating the country in the same way they did for the last one century.

It is not the system that works. It is the practitioners who operate the system. Unless, rulers change along with the system, the governance would never change. If you look at the Chinese example, the system had not changed prior to the death of the Mao. India made progress after 1947 because both the system and the rulers changed.

What can you expect in Bhutan? It is a new bottle with old wine. It is a marketing strategy, in a form of branding. The producers do not care of the health of the consumers rather the ways to make products attractive. Democracy in Bhutan has come in a form of brand, a new brand with much attraction. Yet the components have not been changed. When you taste, may be after 2008, you would certainly know the ingredients are the same.

This is the pervasive and most notorious form of capitalism. Every one expects, two extremisms should end – capitalism and communism. Long live the democratic socialism.


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  1. 1

    bukula said,

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  2. 2

    […] For A Democracy takes a closer look at the brand of “democracy” where powerful families appear to hold on to their power, and comments on what democracy in Bhutan might end up being. Share This […]

  3. 3

    Puranaghare said,

    the so called Bhutanese Government as the scape goat of Jigmyism and as the dog searching the bread of aotucratic plutocarcy cannot put any effort to the demacratization of Bhutan. as the thrilling stone will only regrete after damaging it with the stone. as such they will see their fortune after 54 years when they are emonded by the bumps of the terriorists. if they don’t want to be thrashed by the rebolutionist thay should with out delay should \under go critical changes and stop woodwinking the international communities by thrashing the people deprieved of their rights.

  4. 4

    Found your blog through Global Voices Online. Don’t see too many Bhutan blogs, so I’m glad to read yours. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading! I’d really love to travel to Bhutan someday…

  5. 5

    Lhapaa_is_a_loser said,

    Nepali people can’t seem to get anything right in their country inspite of the enormous potential, what right do they have criticizing how Bhutan governs themselves?
    Nepali people like Lhapaa should do stick to what they do best

    Worship MOOOOO MOOOOS (cows) and
    sacrifice goats in order to fix problems

  6. 6

    tumwijuke said,

    I am absolutely chaffed to have found your blog. Been searching for ‘alternative’ writing on Bhutan and all I found were tourism type blogs.

    I’ll be back again … if you promise to post again.

  7. 7

    rose said,

    Hey loser, you Bhutanese have a huge problem, you guys think your country is the best, you have the best system of governance in the World. If it is true then why is there so much hue and cry about the rampant corruption going on in the country. YOu guys have no power in your hands, look at the land transfer case in Wangdi. An old man like Yab can take the whole country for a ride. The court ruling in his and his chamcha’s favour was a slap on each Bhutanese’s face. It can happen only in Bhutan because you guys have no guts to speak against the unjust system. Keep dreaming that you have the best system till your country will be emptied by the crooks. In Bhutan actually speaking everybody’s objective in life is to become rich by ripping off the Government.

  8. 8

    Drukpa said,

    Just because you guys are having a hard time living in your country doesn’t mean you can go on bashing a peaceful country like Bhutan.

    Guys like you and your disoriented knowledge must have had a part to play in the downfall of your country.

    Don’t you all have better things to do like go looking for a job, find another tourist to con.. , than writing stupid incorrect things in here.

  9. 9

    mendraD said,

    this rose women!! hey LOSER!! trust me our country is in wayyyyyyyyy better conditions than any of the contries around.. and you want to talk about yap rite.. tell me which country do you know that elite families dont rap off the poor.. sad to say but true.. look at nepal.. parie or paris what ever.. the crown prince iS actually a muderer and look at india.. seriously lady you got to understand what happens around the world before you judge a country!!

  10. 10

    rose said,

    Hey Mendra, what is wrong with India ??? So you think you guys are doing better than India ??? Be grateful to India because India is the biggest donor to Bhutan. India is the upcoming economic power in the World. You better pray that India always does good economically or Bhutan’s begging bowl will go empty, your army will have no food and uniform, civil servants will have no salary, Thimphu – Phuntsholing road will remain blocked during the rainy season, the list can go on. You all know without India’s financial assistance Bhutan can’t survive.

  11. 11

    jd said,

    —But for Prince Paras, the Monarchy might have sqeaked thru the latest crisis–
    I hope both Nepal and Bhutan keep thier place on the map,stay ‘green’
    and most importantly, keep out the evil influence of China–and the Indian army.
    To say, the naxals in india do, in fact, have a cause–but what’s the story in Nepal–thier economy went from 0-1000 in 20 years, they are completely dependent on the tourist trade; needed even in the smallest of
    villages —
    So far there have been more than 10k deaths in the Nepal civil war–
    still, that many were lost in a day- and often during the American civil war,
    the first war to be won with bullets–keep the peace, guys!

    –Did you know, that more lives have been lost to communism in the last 50 years, than to all the kings in history??

    peace, and insulated trousers for all Bhutanis
    jd, rishikesh, india

  12. 12

    Drukstylz said,

    The sooner Bhutan and Nepal get along the better. We are acting like pett children.

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