Who are happy? Wanghchuks and their dears!

The propaganda on Gross National Happiness yielded by Jigmi and promulgated by Jigme has been gradually coming into reality of claiming how happy are the Bhutanese people with the authoritarian regime. 

The unemployment problem has been rising raising frustration among the young population while the employed have been dissatisfied with their jobs.

Paro College of Education lecturer Rinchen Dorji in his survey recently concluded that only three percent of the teachers in the country are satisfied with their job. What makes them frustrated? Does the wangchuk regime lend it attention? Never, never and never. What matters them when teachers are frustrated, unsatisfied.

Once it was acclaimed that Bhutan tops the Asia in case of happiness among the people. The Jigmis’s organization Centre for Bhutan Studies had earlier found the happiness among the people had dropped to less than 60 percent. Drastically, now the happy people are 3 out of 100.

The teachers ‘expressed frustration, dissatisfaction and low morale and motivation,’ low morale kuensel also said.

The environment for the job in the country is not encouraging because the tyrants have been enforcing the people to strictly follow what they direct. For years, they have not been allowed, even to this day, to suggest the corrective measures to create encourating environment. Rather, the royalists and their followers, who sometimes are illiterate dictators, charge the suggestion people as speaking against the king, country and the people.

Dorji has said he found the younger generation people are more frustrated for lacking appropriate environment in their work field. His finding shows that the younger generation teachers have not been able to fit with the dictatorial environment of the wangchuk regime.

While talking about the teaching profession, I recall my days in school where a Dzongkha teacher, not received formal education, used to teach us. His general method of teaching was to tell us students to go through the text and say the whole text in front of the class without looking the text book. He didn’t bother what the text meant to say. Upon failing to tell the whole text, I had found a good measure to avoid his beating. I used to start praying the national anthem and this used to compel the teacher remain unmoved, helping me escape from his beating.

The wangchuks had raised the salary for the teachers earlier to encourage them say that dictators are doing well. Now when the dictators realized their share for entertainment and luxury has been decreasing, it chopped off the salary and incentives.

The nature of the wangchuk to include their nears and dears in the job has also been revealed by this study.

I think, the questions raised in this blog regarding the authenticity that people are becoming frustrated with the wangchucks are getting answers gradually.


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    […] For A Democracy on the notion of Gross Domestic Happiness, and if the ones who are really happy are the Wanghchuks. Share This […]

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    rose said,

    One should visit Bhutantimes.com and go through few posts to have an idea how frustrated the people of Bhutan are . They are washing their dirty linen in the public, they are bringing out their frustration on Lyonpo Sangye Ngedup who is also the maternal uncle of the King. If S Ngedup has actually accumulated wealth by illegal means then how come the present King and Jigme Singye are quiet. Isn’t it their responsibility to make sure that the people connected to them do not misuse power. I suppose Jigme Singye wants to make his queens and in-laws happy he he !!!

  3. 3

    kamala said,

    I smell a rotton rat out of the ‘rose’.

  4. 4

    rose said,

    Well, Kamala truth hurts he he !!!

  5. 5

    Shambhala said,

    Goodness me!!!

    What a load of crap this writer is spewing.

    Firstly, if the Centre of Bhutan Studies is a ‘Wangchuck’ agency then, schools and the Paro College of Education are equally, in his/her terminology, ‘Wangchuck’ organisations.

    This writer is resorting to the cheapest form of yellow journalism.

  6. 6

    blog author said,

    dear shambhala

    i am not a journalist, and don’t know what does yellow journalism means. i am a blogger. be clear, blogging and journalism are two different subjects

  7. 7

    kamala said,


    Yes, truth hurts…

    I had been living in the refugee camps for 17 years. From my own research done as I grew older living in the refugee camp, I know what truth was — 60% of people in the camps are illegal Bhutanese; 20% left because they were threatened to be killed by BBP (Bhutan People Party); 10% were believed to be asked by the government to find better place if they are not complying with country’s law and order; 5% left willingly because their neighbors left, and 5% were involved in terrorists activity –those are people known to have burnt schools, threatened our parents of decapitation if they did not support their party activity involving treason. Now that these terrorists claiming to be the champions of human rights and democracy and having made our future bleak by prolong the solution…YES, THE TRUTH HURTS.

    And for the blogger…
    The people living inside Bhutan are, by and large, happier than people living hellish life in the camp at the mercy of aid donations. Morons like you are responsible for holding us hostage in the refugee camps for your vested and unrealistic interests.

    Siliguri, WB

  8. 8

    rose said,

    Kamala, I feel sorry for a fool like you. Who do you think you are fooling by disguising as someone from the refugee camp ??? You are making a big fool of yourself.

  9. 9

    Dorji Tashi said,


    {Dear Dorji Tashi, mind your language please. the post deleted by blog author}


  10. 10

    Dorji Tashi said,

    I am sorry. But it has a different meaning and also the instant word that came to me for Kamala was that after going through her comments.
    Sorry once again.

    Dorji Tashi.

  11. 11

    Pema said,

    To kamala,

    Please stop to present such fake data which is never ever been true. I am presently in Beldangi Camp, I was chased by your BPP for nothing. I have also a survey like urs which our team conducted 8 years before. 86.9% people in Seven camps are Bhutanese. We have reserved a copy of their being a genuine Bhutanese which we had handed to the UN Mission before.

  12. 12

    akutashi said,

    Ironic. Thats one word I’d use to describe the claims of the people claiming to be Bhutanese there.


    Well, first, not a single one identifies with Bhutan. No speak Dzongkha, now write Dzongkha and no have Driglam Namzha. Today, in every country in the world, the basic requirement is to be literate in that particular langauge and familiarity with the culture. Immigrants are required to “INTEGRATE” into the home fabric. They don’t even fulfill this basic requirement.

    Second, in every home I saw in the south (mid 80s-90s), towns as well as villages, almost all had framed pictures of the Nepali King and Queen. Bhutanese people normally have the potrait of the Bhutanese King. Not in the south. There, the only King they recognise is the Nepali king. Thats where their loyality lie. They don’t see themselves as subjects of the Druk Gyalpo.

    With such elementary demonstration of disregard by the so called “bhutanese” in the south for the nation of Bhutan, where anybody would have had at least a moral responsibility to say “thank you for having us here”, it is difficult to believe that they are bhutanese at all.

    Yet they claim to be “bhutanese”. Ironic.

  13. 13

    mongar said,

    dear akutashi
    one of your sentence hut me. i am writing from Gelephu now. you said that lhotsampa keep the potrait of Nepalese king in thier house. Hae you ever visited the southern part. me and my villagers since years, keep the photo of our druk Gyalpo in that room where we offer pooja every morning.

    To spit at those in Nepal claiming to be Bhutanese, please keep in mind not to hurt lhotsampas in the south.


  14. 14

    akutashi said,

    Mongar, I was in Gelephu and the surrounding villages for a long time. It was also there that I knew that the Nepali king’s name was Bir Birenda Bikram Shah Dev or something like that. I swear that by the Mou Khola and Kali Khola where I also learnt to swim (in winter, of course).

    BTW, I didn’t write ALL of them had potrait of the Nepali King. But as far as I could remember, it was a majority of them. Maybe I overlooked it, but I don’t remember seeing the Druk Gyalpo adorning the walls much there.

    Or maybe the Nep King gets precedence in the Dassera time? 🙂

  15. 15

    jdhere said,

    ….yeah, too bad about Nepal…i hope things work out well in Bhutan.
    but what could be scarier than the USA pres-elections ?–that McCain n’t 40 points behind does not speak well for our collective intelligence.
    He may try to bring back the draft; (–well, he’s foamy and scary–)but in Nepal, children were being drafted..in Vietnam, they were being napalmed by the great hero-patriot John McCain–and the fact he was caught at it and given quite some whacking for quite some time is his
    crutch and cross to bear–safe to say, as president, he would sponsor his own brand of “anti-hippie” legislation
    Thanks to the USA economy taking a few hits, the democrats will probably win in spite of all they can do, giving hope to reverse the eco-
    trends which have been caused by the republican policies.

    the thought of having to see Sarah Palin on the screen as VP would be enough to send me backpacking–i prefer Michael Palin..
    i will also be glad when this election is over

  16. 16

    Tshering Lhamo said,

    Dear author,
    I don’t really know how to put my thoughts into words due to my limited english and vocabs la. Please bear with me if you encounter any errors in my writing.

    Anyway, I would love to point out some of my opinions regarding the above controversial topic la.

    Firstly I really appreciate the unique way of thinking that you possess la. It is always good to question everything that is happening around us. I am that kind of person myself la.

    However, having been lived in the country(Bhutan) for 17 years and exploring the world for 3 years, I am afraid to say that i disagree with most of your claims la. Though I have limited knowledge on the topic of GNH, I at least know that it is not a propaganda as you have pointed out in your article la.

    Lets analyse the claims that you have made above la :
    1.”Paro College of Education lecturer Rinchen Dorji…..three percent of the teachers in the country are satisfied with their job. …teachers are frustrated, unsatisfied”. Firstly, who is this Rinchen Dorji la? And where is the proof that he is the lecturer of Paro NIE? When and where did you have a rendezvous with him about the above claim la?

    2.”Once it was acclaimed that Bhutan tops the Asia in case of happiness among the people. …less than 60 percent. … the happy people are 3 out of 100″. Excuse me la? can you come again la? where ? where and who acclaimed that Bhutan topped Asia’s happiness ranking la?

    With your permission, let me say this la. Bhutan is pursuing the concept of GNH, this doesn’t mean a country like Bhutan has achieved it la. Bhutan is a small LEDC country with not a very good economic background la. However, the country is trying hard to keep all the people happy. Anyhow I assume that every wise man in this world would be knowing the fact that the process of making everyone happy is logically impossible la. Everyone can’t be happy at the same time. By reading your article it seems the teachers are not happy. Oh well, Bhutan doesn’t consist of only teachers for your kind information la.

    3. Who is this gentleman “Dorji” that you have quoted in your article la? There are many Dorjis in Bhutan and as per my knowledge, some Tibetans are also called Dorji. So i am confused.

    I did not mean to go against your article la. i would love to believe the statistics that you have provided above la. However, you have not sourced any of the stats that you have disclosed in your article above and there is no bibliography or any sorts of proof. As a far observer i am extremely sorry to say this la ; i view this article as a very biased piece of writing where unreliable facts are expressed.

    Since you do not have any sourcing done, your article i am afraid becomes an extreme case of plagiarism (i.e. if your stats are true!).

    With all due respect, the great author of this blog, I appreciate your courage to create a blog such as this la but however just ask yourself whether the knowledge which reside in your good brain is relevant and whether it is biased or not la.

    koenchog sum na lobay ge thujee zee chi la.


  17. 17

    kesang said,

    If youre unsatisfied with Bhutan and its policies…make it sound credible and do something about it. Your blog is a good creation but if its not going to make a difference in creating your “true democracy” and just going to complain about every single thing that the Wangchucks and Bhutan Govt is doing-then please dont….if you want change, be the c.h.a.n.g.e. ….suggest a productive way or get someone to hear your productive ideas…you think you can run the country better, then well please do tell us Bhutanese how…would love to hear your ideas instead of hearing Bhutanese vs Nepalis…wangchucks vs. bhutanese….
    Im half lhotsampa and half ngalopa…i get caught in the middle too.

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