The illegal ruler of Bhutan said he would bring democracy in Bhutan but no doubt, he would further strengthen his grip upon the rights of the people.

Democracy is not the thing that one gives as gift. King cannot make the country’s constitution, he cannot determine what kind of system do people want.

This blog will strive for promotion of democracy and human rights for the people of Bhutan and making this country ruled by people, not by Wangchuks or thier relatives.

Long live Democratic Republic of Bhutan.


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  1. 1

    Youth Organisation of Bhutan said,

    interested, to learn of about u. hope u will not mine to send the details.

  2. 2

    AkuTashi said,

    This tadpole in the grimy pond wishes that he was one of us, but is not…that he lived among us, but can’t…that he had a king like ours, but doesn’t….that he was anything and anywhere but where and what he is.

    Reality set in long ago, and then denial. Then anger, frustration and finally hatred. Same things that created a Gollum in LOTR.

    So welcome to Jaga Gollums hole…you might occasionally hear confused rantings, but don’t let that disturb you. Its just a pathetic attempt to present crap in the guise of legitimate political criticism. You’ll see that from the shallowness of his arguments, and if you bother to cross check, how misinformed he is.

    So, If it gets too loud in here, throw a rock at him or something. He’ll roll up on the ground and try to soothe himself.

  3. 3

    akoo said,

    Remove all links to thunderbolt post . I want nothing to do with you. YOu piece of shit. I will personally hunt you down and make you if you don’t.

  4. 4

    Aeden said,

    Could someone please explain the whole political system of Bhutan… at its present state and the people involved. I’m totally new to the subject and would like to know more.

  5. 5

    Gyalpo said,

    When you see the Facebook “Free Sonam Tshering” and the comments therein, one wonders if there is GNH in Bhutan. If we delve deeper into the remote valleys of Bhutan, peoiple still live primitive existence. So the poshness of Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Wangdi, Ha, Sarpang, Samchi and Chukha does not define GNH and democracy in Bhutan. Has anyone ever thought of those poor compatriaotrs who live a life of poverty in central, eastern and sourthern Bhutan? What is the percent of people living in poverty? If all Bhutanese are to achive GNH, the concentration of wealth by a few should be done with and a more even districbution must be there. So to bring about that equi-distribution of wealth and prosperity to achive GNH, the royal household must be a giving household and not centralizing of resources. The best example of a head of state who strives for people’s prosperity is the King of Thailand and his family. So either follow King Bhumibol’s idea of development or be republic and not a eyewash democratic monarchy! The tadpoles from Bhutan should see the world around.

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