Fallacies of democracy

Democracy has the rule, set of principles under which the democratic governments run. The structure basically does not differ with countries because such change would raise questions on credibility on democracy.

See here Jigme’s democracy has different root. This is not based on the principles of democracy that most of us learn and is being practiced around the world.

The constitution has not been approved, which though is not a constitution in real sense. Instead, other foolish laws formulated to suit the constitution have already been enforced.

The peculiarities are gradually coming up. In democracy, people have the right to thought of conscience. People have the right to speech and express allegiance to a certain faith. These are not in Jigme’s case because he always said Bhutan will have a peculiar democray. Might be, he has invented a new form of democracy that operates under undue suppression and direct control from this dictator.

The Sherubtse College sometime back terminated two students for alleged involvement in politics. While the laws demands that graduates to run the election, the students appearing graduate degrees are not allowed to talk politics. Along this, the ‘fool-intellectuals’ who held powers for several years, raise question on maturity of the fresh graduate on politics and political principles. Without allowing the students to talk political issues, participate in political activities, ca we expect any matured politicians from new generation? Or is it the only those who attended the university degrees in foreign land allowed to join the politics.

Can we expect removal of political science from the curriculum of Royal Bhutan University and the Sherubtse College to avoid students from talking politics?

On the other hand, the Election Commission has warned the parties not to form any wings such as youths, students, women, farmers, trade unions……… Can a democratic party becomes complete without having such components? Hope, Jigme is copying some of the examples from China as well.

Similarly, the district administration in Chukha has expelled two tshogpas from their responsibilities merely for attending a party meeting. In my course of democracy studies, I have never found that local government remains out of politics. In all democracies, the local governments are elected by the people and such local bodies are group of members affiliated to various political parties. This is the fundamental structure through which the political parties implement their priorities and programmes. Similar, incidents are likely to appear in other districts like Paro, Dagana, Yangtse and others.

Here, the local governments are designed to be like the national bureaucracy. They do not join the politics, they do not represent the political parties but implement the programmes designed by the parties. To point out at other corner, the trade union bill has been prepared but workers are not allowed to form trade unions. The workers have restricted from their right to collective bargaining.

Is this a democracy??????????????????


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    […] For A Democracy explores the political situation in Bhutan, and the fallacies of democracy. Share This […]

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    Lotus Flower said,

    I think we cannot expect a new born to walk as it gets out of mother’s womb. There are several stages before a baby can stand up and walk. It is also in the best interest of the parent planning a family to give birth to a healthy child, not just have a baby for the sake of having a baby and let go carefree. Democracy in Bhutan is still in the womb; it is expected to be delivered soon, and it is more than likely to be a healthy democracy. So have patience.

    Your mis- understanding about democracy in Bhutan even before it has become functional, is as a result of your cognitive bias known as “confirmation bias”. You are looking for a democracy that suits your opinion and interest, which is unrealistic. The future of the majority of people cannot be compromised with the aspiration of a few people who would like to see Bhutan fail in all aspects.

    Democracy is a vague topic. There are many different forms of democracies and can be argued in many ways. Democracy is but a learning process, not a complete institution. Democracy in Bhutan will be different in many ways for many reasons. Democracy in Bhutan should not be a source of destruction as seen in many neighboring countries where daily strikes in the name of democracy hampered economic activity, education, office functioning and, above all killed people.

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    jdhere said,

    –the above is correct–to generalize, similarly,
    King Birendra ruled over a boom economy, which was irresistable to foriegners–the only way was up, but for the maoist incursion. After 1991, the $$ power fell easily into the nepali congress; the top of the corruption pyramid being Kiorola himself, during the time which they made numerous theft-acqusitions of real estate, resold at20-100 times its value..even now, there is no stopping the skyrocketing prices in
    –never mind that refugees are being driven into the city, increasing the toll(by another 250k) from the pending 8R earthquake due to hit the city.–Thanks commies!– will you be taking collections then?

    What has this to do with Bhutan?? To say, “it’s working”–a radical uprising(backed by China) would bring about misery—for how long?–As one with a
    Jeffersonian view, I hope there will be a more competent transfer of power.and an early cap on corruption..it seems the Bhutan Royal family are dedicated public servants; at least competent, and with the exception of life being unfair(also in New York) things are running fine.

    ..haha..I don’t care that much for the dress code–on the serious side, a government is judged by the condition of its prisons.

    I am new to this political topic; i appreciate somone else’s blog
    being here..
    One more good story..
    King Gyanendra sought to form an anti-corruption commitee;
    (large bldg near Bhat Bateni) but was stopped by Koirola’s people
    by having it declared unconstitutional after bribing the Supreme court
    justices..well, got to send the kids abroad for school…

    Also, it’s high time to open the country to the backpacker class;gives strategic exposure, (media+)

    The ‘bad influences, supposedly brought in by western-foriegners, has come in thru the back door–indians have brought in the hard drugs appearing
    in the cities(read the news) and are allowed free passage–
    –so, the argument is old – hat, for pre-paid-soviet-style- controlled-tours.

    Yes, Bhutan sounds like a great destination–for expats too.


  4. 4

    jdhere said,

    Hi Everybody–

    yes, your great country has had its first elections–i hope the first
    ‘wonder years go well, and that elephants stomping over 18 acres
    is the worst or most eventful happening..

    As we speak(type) the gorkas are making thier mischief in sikkim;even
    (omigod!) assaulting tourists trying to get out–i guess the US taxpayers
    won’t have to send $$ to this new ‘state’–this type of action happening in the USA would be cut down machete-style real fast–doesn’t take long at all–
    The indian army is the most pitiful uninspired group of mots to be found in the entire world–a national version of
    “F_TROOP”(wacked out-US-calvery comedy series) They fly planes&copters like they drive–and then blame the crashes on the
    sellers- I believe thier crash %age will top the Guiness book for some time, if offered up.–and this with no combat missions!
    The difference between a pilot and a cook in the Indian army is the amt of baksheesh papa could offer up.

    Yes best of luck, new Bhutan gov’t–

    peace, jd

    American trivia—

    George Washington was the richest man in America at the time,followed by Ben Franklin

    The Marquis de Layfayette, our greatest ally
    ( long before the french were dodging germans in the sidewalk cafes of Paris) was extremely rich; almost unknowably so at the time, with millions/month coming in tribute–he would have been a few Gates’-
    Ambanis-Buffets combined.

    where is Akutashi?

    Love to you all, + your country, even if I can’t afford it–and good luck with all your miserable neighbors; in keeping them at bay–

    • 5

      jdhere said,

      Hi guys–it’s been some time–I’ve observed, here in the US, new arrivals don’t give a rat about the politics of their new country–
      they just want to cash in–but I’ve decided it doesn’t matter that
      much–why worry when our intellectual property and work possibilities are being shipped to China, and our election process compromised in every direction (check RFK- Jr’s views on that) by
      our US Republican-Dixiecrats , who are almost as embarrassing as Indian- Nepali politicians; even more sinister..

      However, better at handling natural disasters

      Damn– that Akutashi got a mean tongue…

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