Confidently! Towards another Sikkim saga

Sikkimization of this country was a talked issue for the last several years, to be precise exactly after Sikkim collapsed to be a part of grater India. But I wonder, why has it not been talked as Tibet-ization, fanning out its sovereignty to greater China. As China tries to eat Taiwan, India is looking after Bhutan. As China crashed Tibet, India caught Sikkim. Don’t wonder if collapse of Taiwan and Bhutan simultaneously.

I earlier said there are two weeds that have drained this country into verge of extinction. They are acting like insects eating the timbers; everything inside has been finished. If you now press it quote harder, this country will be ‘once upon a time’.

The wangchuks did all, with all strengths, to grasp all powers in centre. Business, bureaucracy or the politics; all have been captured. The more tyrants eat, the more hungry they become. Then they sowed the seed of discord with southerners, who were expanding their wings to make hole in national spheres in turn. The fight for power, the lust for misusing the state treasury for personal interests, shadowed the development activities. Finally, the egoistic tussle between wangchuks and Mr Rizal reached the climax. The mass eviction was the result.

The fucker jigme (hope he completes reaching all four wives in a single night) was not satisfied with all he did. He then invited the insurgents from Assam, dined and reached an agreement to terrorize the people to these eastern districts. After southerners, the easterners became the victims of wangchuks’ terror plan. The foolish government in Assam, who had declared ULFA a terrorist group and all those having relation with this group, allowed Mr jigme to dine. The result is increasing insurgency in Assam. Prafulla Kumar Mahanta, Hiteswar Saikia, Bhumidhar Barman, Prafulla Kumar Mahanta and
Tarun Kumar Gogoi have not informed Assamese how many citizens became the victims of ULFA after they were given the operation base in Bhutan.

The egoistic fight between Lhotsampas and the Ngalong has led to further inclination of this country to India. These two groups, acting under the signals from New Delhi, neither tried to look the future sovereignty of the country nor the interest of the people. Jigme though all people followed him when he caught a plough in Mid 90 and Rizal though everyone supported him for his fight to what he called human rights.

The notorious India is gradually making this country parasite on him. The wangchuks seek Delhi’s support for saving his throne and the Rizal and his company again seek Delhi’s espousal to gain power in Bhutanese politics. The India is playing smilingly between these two mischievous actors and both hope their ultimate father India would take them into arm. Farther, the India is now backing the rebellion groups that would finally help to hand over the sovereignty of this country to the dhotis, the most notorious human being living on earth. 


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  1. 1

    akutashi said,

    It seems that the risk of “Sikkimization” through trojan horses has been greatly reduced by the eviction of power hungry illegal immigrants in Bhutan. Other actors and factors that might lead to that have a very low probability of success, especially seen in the light of the Taiwan-Tibet analogy. Here, it seems more fitting that Nepal be given the role that you assigned to Bhutan, although it might not be a reality, even with the popularity of the Maoists there. Since foreign actors (like the Nepali in Sikkim) can be ruled out of the “Sikkimization” process, it remains to be seen if the local people, especially the leaders and representatives, would be willing to write off the sovreignity of the nation if the price is right. Again, chances are almost zero. This goes for both countries.

    Regardless of the imagined security resulting from the “buffer-state theory”, both Nepal and Bhutan lie in a very sensitive geo-political region and with the insurgency in both countries (more visible in Nepal) and along their borders, it can’t totally be ruled out that the giant neighbours play their part in the conspiracy you portraied. It remains a confirmed fact that they will not act directly as long as their chances of success are not high enough. Untill then, they will leave the job of increasing their chances to the insurgents. So, the diplomatic and military aspect of this “Sikkimization” is a more concrete threat. Just how realistic it is, still remains to be seen.

    This post is by far the best you’ve written (that means the first readable quasi-analytic one). If you had left out the personal attacks on the King, or for that matter, to any subject of the post, you might just motivate the readers into not attacking anybody personally. A subjective view with an objective perspective…thats what is needed.

  2. 2

    rose said,

    Aku, you seem to be unaware of how Sikkim was annexed by India in 1975. It was Kazi Lhendup Dorji who treacherously shook hands with the Indian Government to annex Sikkim. In return he was made the first Chief Minister of Sikkim by India.

    One more point, Those Bhutias who are called Sikkimese, they actually immigrated from Tibet like Drukpas did to Bhutan from Tibet. Actually, Lepchas and Limboos are the original inhabitants of Sikkim. You need to study the history of Sikkim to expand your horizon.

  3. 3

    akutashi said,

    Thank you for telling me what I don’t know.

    My turn now.

    The “people” of Sikkim revolted against the Chogyal. A certain Lal Bhadur Basnet was the leader of the SJC, who later merged with Kazi Lhendup Khangsarpa’s NC.

    Don’t know how many Lepchas took part in the uprising against the Chogyal, but there sure were many many chettris, basnets, make a long story short..many many Nepalis.

    In short..uprising successful since Sikkim had a military force of about 30 something soldiers who were actually the Chogyals bodyguards. So Sikkim now a bicameral “democracy” with lots and lots of ethnic Nepalis sitting there. Then comes the “historic Resolution” to cecede to the Indian Union, even a “peoples Referendum” wholeheartedly supporting it.

    I wasn’t there. Neither were you. All I can ask is, what percent of the sikkimese population did the Lepchas and Limbus make up at that time? Maybe 10%? The rest? Nepalis of course. And how can you argue that all Lepchas and Limbus voted in favor of that resolution? Simply put. A bhutanese in Bhutan would not vote like that and neither would (I hope at least) a Nepali in Nepal. So, it is really insulting the true Sikkimese people if you say they voted for cecession. On the other hand, it is impossible to say how a Bhutanese in Nepal or vice versa would vote in such situations, but seeing from what happened in Sikkim, its very obvious how the outcome would be.

    Remember the dates April 10 and April 14. Those were the days the overwhelmingly ethnic Nepalis sold away a foreign country that sheltered them. It was also a culmulation of the many factors that contributed to the gradual disappearance of Sikkim. First the population, then the sikkimese culture, langauge and tradition, and finally, Sikkim as a state by the virus called nepali immigrants.

    Yet you ask why we dispise you.

    The post is not about historic origins of the people of Sikkim and Bhutan. It is about the squatting habits of the Nepali people in the region and how they stab their hosts in the back when they’ve outnumbered him.

    Regarding the Bhutias, we’ll cross the bridge when we get there.

    You, my dear, really need to expand your horizon. Start off by trying to understand what you read first and then the context its in. Its a good start.

  4. 4

    rose said,

    So, your dead brain thinks ethnic Nepalese are illegal immigrants wherever they are. They were in Sikkim even before people of Tibetan origin. Next you are going to call the people of Nepalese origin in India the illegal immigrants. According to you, 90% of the population who voted for the resolution were illegal immigrants, give me a break. I am glad Sikkim is a prosperous state now, all the Sikkimese enjoy equal rights as per Indian Constitution. They were victims of fuedal system under Chogyal.

  5. 5

    akutashi said,

    blah blah….sounds like just any other Nepali. Especially those illegaly immigrating ones.

    What is with you people? What the hell happend to you as a kid? Did your parents make you memorise all that crap…or is it just your stupidity? I think its the latter.

    Of course you’re glad about Sikkim. Its not Nepal, you dumbass. Let me hear a Sikkimese say that. Not you. Not a Nepali. Not a Nepali Sikkimese. A REAL Sikkimese. Oh..I’m glad for Tibet too. Its prosperous and they are no longer “victims of feudal rule” blah blah… In that same context, I’ll be glad for Nepal when it gets taken over and becomes “prosperous” and “equal rights” and all that crap.

    Friggin illegals..stay a couple of days in the country and you start demanding “greater representation” and “human rights”. Call me dead brained or whatever you want, but history and reality proves that this is what you people do..wherever you are. This is what defines and your back stabbing cheap-propaganda-selling violent lot. Lessons in the sikkimese history and the Gurkha problem in the hills might bring this into proper concept…but then again, can’t really help if you’re THAT stupid to comprehend the context and relation.

    BTW..Is that all you have to contribute? My god, woman…read the post and keep your comments within the context of the post. And sincerely, before you decide to start typing here, sleep over what you’re going to write. Seriously, you are depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.

  6. 6

    Dorji Tashi said,

    Aku Tashi!
    This is the problem with you barbarians who actually inhabited Bhutan after they were driven out from Tibet by the then rulers.
    The research shows that the people of Nepali origin were already living in Bhutan but they never had an intention of ruling the country. They were happy with what they had until Garja Man Gurung the king of Samtsi was treacherously murdered in Punakha. The palace exists in the ruined form, not listed under any cultural heritages of Bhutan. So, is the case with Shabdrung Nwang Namgyel who was also murdered in Tashigang. Because of which our present tyrant Jigme had to marry all four queens as per the advice of the Je Khen Po thinking his kingship would last a little longer then what Shabdrung has cursed to end after the fourth king..

    Aku, you have mentioned that ‘Nepali people in the region stab their hosts in the back.’ You just rack your head who has a habit of stabbing from the back, is it the Lhotshampas, Serchhops or you the treacherous Ngalongs? And that’s your tradition!

    As for as Bhutan is concerned, Bhutan is for all the Bhutanese not only for Tibetain invaders who are just fit for rearing the yaks not at all for ruling the country. As people like you never have a head to understand the aspirations of the Bhutanese and Bhutan.

  7. 7

    akutashi said,

    Hmmm…trecherous, huh? Last time I checked, when the crown prince of Nepal gunned down his whole family, there were fingers pointing at GP Koirala and Gyanendra/Paras. Heard of the Kot Massacre? Look it up.

    King of Samtse? You’re kidding me, right. Check on your Malla Kings and what happened to them. Its Kathmandu I’m talking about, for fu*k’s sake. Was it a good thing? You tell me.

    Trechery and plotting among those in power is rampant everywhere and has happened all the time. The principal difference is, first, events are resolved within the country by local participants. Whether the Sharchops/Khengpas/Ngalongs have taken part or not in Bhutan, is as much a concern to you as to whether the Newars/Shahs/Ranas/Koiralas played their part in Nepal. Meaning, its none of your friggin business. It is not the case of foreigners squatting into a country and later demanding control of it.

    Second, what can you do about history? Nothing. What goes on at present? Everything. Discussing history serves an academic interest. Realizing the behaviour of a certain group through events in history serves to inform and warn the concerned people of such groups. You know where they’re going if you know where they’re coming from. We know enough of where you come from. So, sorry we preemted your sorry ass.

    So, from the behaviour of the Drukpas in Bhutan, you can conclude that we are for unity and stability of the country, for what good does a Shabdrung do when we already have a King. From the behaviour of the Drukpas in foreign countries, you can expect easy and peaceful integration into the langauge and culture of the host country.

    As for the Nepalis, see the previous posts.

  8. 8

    rose said,

    Talk about treachery, you know how your King Jigme Singye plotted to kill ULFA BODO along with their families on the pretext of evicting them. People in Bhutan are aware of the fact that how it was plotted, first Jigme asked them to send the number of people in ULFA BODO camps on the pretext of sending boxes of apples to each one of them. They trusted him because he and his officials had been their friends for a decade. But what do you Ngalongs do ??? after sending the apples and getting the number of people present in the camps you attack them and kill elderly , women and children. Shame to your King and all of you. And you call yourselves Budhists ha ha !!!

  9. 9

    akutashi said,

    Sure..go ahead and symphatize with those nice and caring, peace loving non violent philantropic people who call themselves ULFA BODO.

    I’ll give you a box of apples too, if you want.

  10. 10

    Dorji Tashi said,

    Hi aku! Rather call u akhu or khuwa,
    U can never have ur dream come true. DOn’t take ur shit out of ur mouth. We will put it back through the same hole.
    DOn’t worry, the the days are not very far.
    Till then

  11. 11

    adhikari said,

    don’t have any comments to say for the blog owner but happy to see that northern bhutanese are more concerned with Nepal’s and lhotsampas history than their own. this is good in the sense that they would in years, write Nepalis’ history, forget thier.

    dear blog master, your posts seems, you belong to eastern Bhutan yet don’t know where you live, my thanks for all things you did. this has become a good forum to talk on our issue, our pasts and the northerners are learning more of us, more of ours.

    good, keep it up

  12. 12

    akutashi said,

    QUIET, BOY!! Go back to the hole you came from…and STAY THERE!!

  13. 13

    rose said,

    Aku, so that is true what your King did, that is why you have nothing to say . You hypocrite Budhists.

  14. 14

    akutashi said,

    Rose..Some say apples, some say oranges…what ever it is, I’ll get you a box of it and stuf it one by one up your butt.

    Dorji Tashi..go join Adhikari-boy stay there. Believe me..its for your own good.

    So long, y’all. Have fun wallowing in the shit-puddle of ignorance and stupidity. Losers like yourselves will always end up a refugee or a beggar. Able and capable people you won’t find in your neighbourhood, since they tend to do well wherever they are.

    The next time you feel like kissing Rizals ass, just ask him to turn around and bend down. He’s been doing this all his life and I’m sure he’d be glad to oblige. Just make sure you pucker up nice and kiss it reeeaal good.

    Drukpa leaders make life good for their followers. Those who follow Anti- and terrorist leaders end up in refugee camps. Didn’t you ever wonder how this could be? Is it too hard for you to see and understand how and why and what caused your current predaciment?

    Posting here has been a really a big step down my level of intelligence and dignity. From now on, I’ll stick to forums where people actually have something intelligent to say. It makes a world of difference communicating with such people compared to you all. I think a rock would have more brains than all of you put together.

    You have earned my pity, and the sympathy of all humans, since you all represent a drastic devolution of mankind (The logical next step, by the way, is extinction). I shall pray for your well being…for this is what a bhuddist would do, regardless of ignorant people calling them hypocrites and such.

  15. 15

    Diki Chhoden said,

    Hi All,
    It is first time i came across this site. It is interesting to see many sounding like Ngalongs supporting our tyrant but vanishing wangchuks.
    I really liked the blog. Thank you for giving this forum which could be never expected inside bhutan till we dethrone these barbarians and kick those ass supporting the king infact a lady killer out of our beloved country.

    Good luck.

  16. 16


    (language has been moderated in this comment-blog author)

    …””———-“”…guess u got —-ed up by ur father for sleeping with ur mother..

    Cut the political.crap…n listen…(from all those true drukpas)…

    this — u got here.. stinks..and u too..whoever….u hav no ——– right..

    may the good be victorious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 17

    Sangay Tenzin said,

    Hi e/body!
    Keep praying if u think your prayers would be heard. So do I for the king

  18. 18

    eliminator of topiwalas said,

    i want to shoot you one by one for lying and talking all the crapy things. stop naming yourself as sangay tenzin, deki choden, dorji tashi .. -its unholy for a goat eaters to adopt such buddhist names. you nepalies dont even know the meaning of those names. what a shame! dont you have guts and respect for your own tradition, culture, your goat eater caste lineage? you people are the most disrespectful creatures ever born in this world..i pity you all guys!!!!!!!!

  19. 19

    rose said,

    Hey!! eliminator, being a Bhutanese Budhist the name eliminator suits you. That is what you guys are. You want to eliminate everybody whoever is doing well from the face of the Earth and want all the good things for yourselves. You jealous people, you couldn’t see Southern Bhutanese do well . You were jelous of their progress, their well cultivated abd high yielding paddy fields, orange and bittle nut orchards which was nurtured for generations and generations by the Lhotsampas. You guys are nothing but looters, you guys evicted Lhotsampas so you could grab their land. This is day light looting, God will never forgive you for this , you guys will rot in hell. In your heart of hearts you know what you have done. Tomorrow if The king of Bhutan will have to abdicate the throne , you guys will be the first one to kick his ass, that is the kind of people you all are.

  20. 20

    pratit said,

    Have you ever heard of sand nigger. I am a sand nigger and I am proud of it. what would that make of you Bhutanese? Could we call you Cloud niggers?

  21. 21

    pratit said,

    bhtuanese and nepalis are horrible people

  22. 22

    concern said,

    Hi Pratit
    can you prove your statement when u say that Bhutanese and Nepalis are horrible people? remember that you are here for debating not giving mere statemnet that hurts other sentiments.

  23. 23

    Idetrorce said,

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  24. 24

    jd said,

    jealousy is the regional pastime of nepalis–and, for sure they spoiled sikkim where they were graciously allowed to settle–the same is true for the nepali-to-bhutan –the so-called ‘refugees’

    Nepal would not exist today, were they not able to goose everything foriegn from tourists to NGOs to the world bank.. i wrong? try having a nepali employee(jealous of thier friends making more $ shucking the tourists) or business partner(you get to do everything but take home the reciepts-haha )
    ..will saying this get me free entry to Bhutan?

  25. 25

    jdhere said,

    —Ms. Akutashi–
    —could we meet up sometime??–I like the way you think…we ain’t all dumb here!
    I am presently in India…

  26. 26

    jdhere said,

    ….did i get the last word, or did someone die? otherwise,

    Happy New Year..

    Kathmandu is far better than goa, which is better than agra…

  27. 27

    rose said,

    Hey jd,

    How about I say Bhutan exists on Indian generosity, starting from clothing and feeding your army. Do you know that the budget to maintain the armed forces of Bhutan comes directly from India. Hence the IMTRAT sitting right in the middle of Thimphu. I don’t recall any country allowing other country’s army settlement in the middle of the capital. See if you take their generosity you got to suck up to them.

    Don’t point fingers to Nepal because four of your fingers are pointing at Bhutan. What do you think HELVETAS, SAVE THE CHILDREN and the UN Offices doing in thimphu, are they on Bhutan Govt’s payrol or what . It is true that beggars are jealous of beggars, don’t worry donor countries have separate funds allocated for Nepal and Bhutan, they are not going to deduct from Bhutan’s share and give to Nepal.

  28. 28

    jdhere said,

    …I think I’ll generalize…


    for example, passenger airlines are unprofitable by thier very nature, but create commerce, especially tourism and personal/corporate business..
    to the degree of being indespensable

    In the USA, congress flippantly wastes trillions on foriegn aid, which americans don’t have to give much thought to, busy as they are with headlines such as


    -New York Post

    and (hopefully) Michael Jackson losing more or all of his $$$

    All of the Himalyan region has great potential for tourism, and I hope
    they well, take care of the problems in the region

    aside from that…


    The Chinese are the worst–those who torture animals before slaughter will easily do the same to is too short to say nice things about the’s good to know thier gov’t falls apart in the wake of n-orleans scale disasters…plant trees over chinese.
    just food for thought…

    Thanking Steven Speilberg for his recent free expression of speech
    on the topic of china..and the Olympics

  29. 29

    Drukstylz said,

    Rose, what are you talking about? The majority of NGO’s and donor countries are stopping aid to Bhutan because it is no longer seen as a LDC (Least Developed Country).

    Once you can get over your blind jealousy and groundless hatred for Bhutan. Instead of making yourself better, you are more concerned with making everyone around you look bad.

  30. 30

    jdhere said,

    –I am meeting lovely, most charming chinese here in Rishikesh; taking them on thier individual worth– yoga has become a new big biz in china–but they are pathetically oppressed;
    (even here) not having the guts to speak thier mind..
    yes, i still hope thier country implodes–

    did you know that chairman mao’s concubines used to share /compare the venereal diseases they would catch from him?–i wonder if they’re still out there…..haha…ugly bastard….

    so……chinese OK; no like gov’t…..

  31. 31

    Drukstylz said,

    These Bhutan bashers really say some misguided things. I can understand everyone has their own opinions.

    However most of what they say is just a really long post insulting Bhutanese with out any real point.

    If you have a problem, then come out with it. Say you were an illegal immigrant instead of pretending to be a concerned world citizen.

  32. 32

    jdhere said,

    …surely you’re not saying I’m a ‘Bhutan basher’..i only object to thier
    …uh..extremely high tourist fees..

    This site hasn’t been too busy since the elections; i hope the beautiful transition is going even better than previously thought..

    so–that’s ‘China basher’ to you..

  33. 33

    Alexwebmaster said,

    Hello webmaster
    I would like to share with you a link to your site
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  34. 34

    […] from China- given India’s historical motives with Sikkim and Bhutan (called Sikkimization and Bhutanization in Nepal) and with Nepal itself. International refugees don’t have the right to engage in […]

  35. 35

    Bhutia said,

    The United Kingdom of Nepal
    or the USG (the United States of Gorkhas)

    That sounds good!
    This would comprise the present Nepal, Darjeeling/Kalimpong, Sikkim and Bhutan. Later you would annexe territories from Seven Sisters States of India as there are already many Nepalese living there. You can claim as equal to Nagas, Kashis or Manipuris… rewriting the history of the region. If it doesn’t work sell the whole thing to India or China.

  36. 36

    Bhutia said,

    The Sikkimese are minority in their own country (25%). By the way, who sold this coutry to India? What about the “greater Nepal” or “greater Gorkhaland”? Do they still want to copy white people killing all the natives and build a big nation like the USA, Australia…? Why not?

    The United Kingdom of Nepal
    or the USG (the United States of Gorkhas).

    That sounds good!
    This would comprise the present Nepal, Darjeeling/Kalimpong, Sikkim and Bhutan. Later you would annexe territories from Seven Sisters States of India as there are already many Nepalese living there. You can claim as equal to Nagas, Kashis or Manipuris… rewriting the history of the region.
    If it doesn’t work, sell the whole thing to India or China. It would be either a “State of Nepal” under the Federal Government of India or an “Autonomous region of Nepal” under the rule of the Republic of China. You would say poeple are more “prosper and equal”. Who cares?

  37. 37

    Hi there Dear, are you really visiting this website
    daily, if so afterward you will definitely get good know-how.

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