For wangchuks, sovereignty is for throne, not the country

The independency of the kingdom has been talked the highest while the wangchuk government steps in to suppress the people. For Jigmes, sovereignty was the propaganda material just to safeguard the throne for their decedents.

The first wangchuk surrendered before the white people in 1865 and signed an agreement to loose the land of 18,000 square miles in Bengal and Assam Duars. Now the fighters in the Assam get shelter in wangchuk administration.

Most of the high places in northern side have been ceded to China, the rulers kept quite. No sounds, no opposition. The latest instance, I have already wrote in earlier piece.

I had also mentioned earlier that Bhutan government remained quiet with the Oxfor dictionary giving meaning of Bhutan as ‘protectorate of the republic of India’.

There have been several attempts to demolish Dzongkha language from northern side after the occupation of Tibet by bigger dragon. The smaller dragon seems gradually making hay with the bigger in its efforts to strengthen wangchuk sovereignty.

In October 2005, an internal Microsoft memorandum barred the term “Dzongkha” from all company software and promotional material. The US company, however, substituted the term as “Tibetan – Bhutan” instead.

This was done at the request of the mainland Chinese government, who insisted the name “Dzongkha” implied an affiliation with the Dalai Lama, and hence, with Tibetan independence movement.

There have been no reactions from the wangchuk administration to this Chinese influx, the advancing communist. Now, it has raised its eyebrows with the beginning of communist insurgency. Hopefully, the smaller dragon will fail to curb the upsurge of the bigger dragon, crawling slowly in the international politics with the ‘low profile and secure position’ policy of its leader Deng.


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  1. 1

    Ahzaygooroo said,

    What rubbish are you talking about. The wangchucks did not submit to the white people. If you know your history well it was his father Jigme Wanchuck who united Bhutan (all factional at that time ) to defeated the British who attacked Bhutan at Phuntsholing/Pasakha and at Deothang.

    That is why we got the raven on the crown becuase they attributed their success and victory to Palden Lhamo (raven) that Jigme Wangchuck saw before he killed the British Chief. Then peace was made and Jigme Wangchuck died and the British were there to see that Ugen Wangchuck got the formal ceremony as a king. Even if there had been no coronation with the British Presence Ugen Wangchuck wouldwas definnitely the new leader becaues his father had paved the path for him by leading his country to the victory. So my dear when you say that the British were responsible you are just listening to their version of events or to you Gorhkha brothers version. We in Bhutan know our history

    By the way we dont react to all the rubbish news thats printed out there like you people do. Fighting lies with lies. Anyone can write waht they want as long as we know the truth.

  2. 2

    DW said,

    Stupid anit-national Bhutanese terrorist. A coward like you can say all these shitty things about us Bhutanese, but Id like to see what a dog like you would do when you come face to face with a real Bhutanese.

  3. 3

    kamala said,

    A diabolic, prune and sick person he is, the blogger doesn’t have any thing worthy to write.


  4. 4

    AkuTashi said,

    Of all the titles one could think up of, yours is flawed in the most basic way. Sovereignty (NOT sovereignty ) of the throne IS the souvereignity of the country…how could a kingdom be sovereign otherwise? And what, by the way, is your point?

    A sovereign Nation by international law is determined by a permanent population (the bhutanese people) in a a defined territory (Bhutan) with a government (RGOB) that has the capacity to enter into relations with other states. You should now be clear on the matter that nepalis don’t fit into the definition of bhutanese, since nepal and Bhutan are two different nations. So you may be a national of a sovereign country, but that country is not Bhutan. So stay nepalese and drop dead a communist.

    “Hopefully, the smaller dragon will fail to curb the upsurge of the bigger dragon, crawling slowly in the international politics with the ‘low profile and secure position’ policy of its leader Deng.”

    => I don’t really know how relevant that is to Bhutan, but from the looks of it, Nepal is headed to crawl up China’s ass just like you predicted. Look, there is no point denying that, okay? China is holding the rods that are stuck up your “Comrade” Comedians Amrit Kumar Bohara, Madhav Kumar Nepal, Bam Dev Gautam, Ishwar Pokhrel, K.P. Sharma Oli’s asses. Oh, Prachanda?? He’s curled up nice and cosy in Deng’s ass.

    Like I wrote in my previous post, ceceding to China a lá Sikkim in which your own “leaders” will be instrumental is inevitable. Joy o joy for you. If Nepal doesn’t cecede, then it will be, for the MOST part, run by Peking. There goes your sovreignty down the “naali” you eat and shit in.

    As far as the Duars are concerned, Sinchula is not much compared to the territories Nepal lost after the Sugauli Treaty, amounting to 36,000 sq. Miles. So if 18,000 for Bhutan is bad, what do you have then for Nepal? Oh right…aspirations for a “greater Nepal” that will remain just aspirations…the nepali way. So what are you going to do about that? HUH?? Oh right…comrade your way up somebody’s ass. See…thats the reason why people think you all are disgusting….because you are.

  5. 5

    […] For A Democracy states that the Wangchuks, sovereignty applies more to the throne than the country. Share This […]

  6. 6

    akoo said,

    Please remove all links We don’t want to associate ourselves with shit breathing people such as yourselves. W

  7. 7

    rose said,

    Bhutanese lack basic descipline, look at the language you use in a public forum. This sends a message to the international community how much respect you have for individuals. One has even cursed the mother of a writer. Is that the way you are brought up. You guys need to get out of the hole, you are still in stone age.

    Every time something is written about Bhutan , you guys emmidiately start bashing Nepal. Majority of Nepalese don’t even know Bhutan exists. You should visit Nepalese forum to find out yourself, they never ever discuss Bhutan.

  8. 8

    Pema said,

    To Aku Tashi,

    Remember there are great democratic leaders in Nepal who have contributed political vision to Westerners. e.g. Billy Brant, a socialist leader of West Germany has concluded his chancellorship with a saying B. P. Koirala (Bisheshwor Prasad Koirala) is my GURU who taught me what is socialism democracy. Nepal is not running after china, see the previous polls, communism never got majority.

  9. 9

    akutashi said,

    Pema…you ass licking half brained dimwit. If you call Koirala a “great democratic leader”, thats scratching the bottom of the aluminium thali you shit in.

    Willy Brandt (Not BILLY BRANT) got kicked out of his chancellorship because he harboured a friggin communist spy in his inner circle. Maybe he got that idea from your “GURU” Koirala. Check again in 10 years. Nepal will be an autonomous administrative regin of China…with the “GURU” licking chinese ass every step of the way.

    AND ROSE!!! Maybe I lack in discipline and all the virtues that you posses, principle one being the ability to analyze things from only your own little frog-in-the-pond perspective and lacking of course, an objective perspective…you make me laugh sooo hard.

    1. Nepali press is full of anti-Bhutan propaganda…so much for them not knowing Bhutan exists you shameless ignorant.

    2. Drukpas refuting your lies provide a much more positive image than your making up all possible bullcrap accusations to and lies about Bhutan. Come on..people are more educated than you think (if you can think at all) and know your propaganda for what they are..a useless waste of time and space in the internet.

    3. The hole you said we live in…the stone age thing…think about it. Its the place of your dreams. Somewhere you’ll never get to. So keep screaming and shouting. If it helps you, I’ll tolerate that.

  10. 10

    rose said,

    Aku, first of all let me tell you that I have no intention orf returning to the land of ass lickers who are used to be suppressed and oppressed, you can rot in that hole. I consider myself lucky to live in a most democratic country in the World. I am legally living in the States not like you all Bhutanese who babysit and do pole dancing in the bars at night in the big cities of States. Some of your high ranking officials even gave up their Government jobs to sale framed pictures in the street of New York. Talk about GNH while the Bhutanese are lining up for visa to come to US in droves.

  11. 11

    akutashi said, that you brought it up, we might as well trash it out.

    You “consider yourself lucky to live in the most democratic country in the world”…thats sounds like something your dad wrote to your aunt when he wrote back to nepal..”lucky to live in the most beautiful and fertile country blah blah”. Then..umm…let me see…ummm…’ll meet up with other nepalis and talk about fighting for “nepali rights”. Then you’ll demonstrate..and then you’ll “agitate” against the US government, demanding that the Nepali langauge be introduced in schools and that the state religion be Hinduism. Of course the US govt will kick your sorry ass out of the country and you’ll land up somewhere between Jhapa and Morang. You’ll of course say “I am american and want to go home to america” and show some forged documents, “proving” your family has lived the last 500 years in NYC. Yup, in times like this, the world needs some jokers.

    So what if the bhutanese are babysitting and pole dancing? Is there something wrong with honest work? Is baby sitting/pole dancing below your dignity or something? You want to talk about dignity in profession and GNH in terms of dups wanting to go to the US? Fine..lets talk about first the dignity in belonging to a nation (NEPAL) that exports the highest number of prositutes in the world. You proud of that??

    We just have babysitters and pole dancers (according to you). You on the other hand, have a whole army of babysitters, maids and poledancers, not only in the US but all around the world. And there is nothing wrong with that, Miss high-and-mighty-“living legally in the states”-Rose.

    For each bhutanese lining up for visa to the US, there are 1000 Nepalis pushing and crawling. OK, fine, all of them want to go out and make money. Nothing wrong with that, is there? The only difference is, among the bhutanese, there are no fathers and uncles hoping to get a good price for their daughters and neices. So Rose, let me ask you, how does that compare to selling frames on the streets of NYC?

  12. 12

    rose said,

    In Bhutan you don’t need a brothel because sleeping with innoscent underage village girls, NAPA dancers and prostitutes are well accepted by the Bhutanese society which is called “Night hunting” by your so called rich culture. How about daughters in the villages being screwed when the father pretend to be sleeping in the same room. That is your rich culture ha ha !!!So you think pole dancing with naked body is a dignifies job, may be according to Bhutanese standard. How about your Lamas begging for money in the States in the name of religion. Now you guys don’t even leave the religion. You guys should start begging with a begging bowl in the streets of NY which is more dignified.

    Lets not talk about dignity, your present King was born a Bastard. No Bhutanese can deny the fact that Jigme Gesar was born out of wedlock. Jigme Singye was screwing all four sisters when Gesar was born. Jigme Singye officially married the four sisiters when Gesar was eight years old , in other words your present King was born a bastard.

    Talk about dignity. You know what the women are called when they sleep with men without getting married, that is what your queens are. By the way your queens were sleeping with Dasho Rimp who introduced them to Jigme Singye , then he took them over from his uncle. Talk about ordinary citizens being prostitutes. Your first queen ,Dorji wangmo alias Ongo even had a son from Kuenley Wangdi who was arrested on drug smuggling charges in early 80s at NY airport but he mysteriously died in Darjeeling where he was going to school. By the way , Kuenley Wangdi was the First Secretary in Bhutanese Embassy when he was caught in NY airport. Do you need the definition of prostitutes .You are pressing the wrong button man.

  13. 13

    rose said,

    Your first queen Ongo and Kuenley Wangdi’s son died in Darjeeling if I didn’t make it clear. Kuenley Wangdi was travelling on his Bhutanese diplomatic passport when he was caught in NY airport on drug smuggling charges.

  14. 14

    akutashi said,

    Ok High moral-“living legally in the US”-Rose,

    If you’re still angry at your dad that he kept quite and pretended to be fast asleep when your uncle crept in throuh the window to bang you, I understand. Just don’t blame it on the Bhutanese.

    Lamas begging for money? Its payment they receive for the services they render. Unlike your pathetic leaders beggin for money in the name of refugees and building houses all over Nepal with it. Sad.

    Personal lives of people don’t interest me. It is how the person is as a human in relation to people around him/her that matters, not the details of the birth. Because you see, you can’t influence how and where you are born, but you can determine how you turn out to be. If you become a pathetic bloodsucking parasite living off the US system, then the details of your birth doesn’t really vindicate you now, does it?

    Besides, with all the caste system in your tradition, I can understand why you’re so concerned. It doesn’t matter for a Bhutanese. For us, everybody is equal and can eat on the same table together.

    You asked if I needed a definiton of prostitutes?
    Yes please.
    Define yourself.

    Thank you.

  15. 15

    rose said,

    I am sorry that you don’t know the meaning of living legally in the States. i live here legally and work legally and pay taxes to the Government. I pay for the road you walk not like you guys pocketing all the money what you earn ileegally and not conributing a cent to the Government. Parasite, that is what you are.

  16. 16

    akutashi said,

    You pay for the road I walk on? How generous…how noble of you. I am a parasite? How right you are.

    You have a great sense of humour. I enjoy your jokes. Keep up, you queen of comedians, you.

    “pay for the road I walk on…”..think about that….hahaha..” tax to the govt..”..thats some funny shit..hahahhaha..

  17. 17

    rose said,

    I request the webmaster to delete the first sentence of the second paragraph of my second posting where I have written about Jigme Gesar. I thought about it over and over again and came to the conclusion that it is not his fault that he was born out of wedlock. Young man is just starting to build his image, who knows he may be a better leader than his father.

    • 18

      Yeti said,

      At least he is better educated than K4 who used to screw female school teachers and make them pregnant.
      One such lady is Aum Rinzi Dem, the wife of PM who was forced to marry her and have his 1st daughter in 6 months. That was in 1978 when Aum was teaching in Punakha.
      Hope K5 refrains from such infidelity and treats women with respect unlike his sexomaniacal dad.

  18. 19

    akutashi said,

    Don’t you worry about that at all, dear Rosie…he is Bhutanese..a Drukpa, not some shithead “lovesick” frustrated royal-family-slaughtering-Nepali prince. Sad story that. He was king for..what..about 5 mins?

    How fares Gyanendra’s son by the way?

  19. 20

    rose said,

    So, I suppose you want to continue the topic. You know what ??? at least that gunda , shit head crown prince of Nepal was not born a bastard.

  20. 21

    rose said,

    For Jigme Singye sovereignty is definately not for the country. Look at the presence of Indian military camp right in the middle of the Capital Thimphu. They are occupying the prime land in the Capital where in the World will you find another country’s army camp in the Capital . Bhutanese army is clothed, fed and armed by the Indian army. Tons of rations come from India every month to feed the Bhutanese army. Just one signal from India can make the King lead the army to flush out ULFA BODOs from Bhutan who were in the first place invited by the King and Dago Tshering to Bhutan. This is evident from the diary of an ULFA leader which was translated and published in the Outlook magazine.

  21. 22

    akutashi said,

    Rose: Thats some very interestíng information about the ULFA diary. I am curious. Where can I find it?

  22. 23

    eliminator of topiwalas said,

    this is to refresh smelly cunt rose’s mind, a legal taxpayer prostitute of States


    I, the penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons:

    I do physical labor.
    I work at great depths.
    I plunge head first into everything I do.
    I do not get weekends off or public holidays.
    I work in a damp environment.
    I don’t get paid overtime I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation.
    I work in high temperatures.
    My work exposes me to contagious diseases.


    Dear Penis,

    After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for the following reasons:

    You do not work 8 hours straight.
    You fall asleep on the job after brief work period.
    You do not always follow the orders of the management team.
    You do not stay in your allocated position, and often visit other areas.
    You do not take initiative – you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working.
    You leave the workplace rather messy at the end of your shift.
    You don’t always observe necessary safety regulations, such as wearing the correct protective clothing.
    You’ll retire well before reaching 65.
    You’re unable to work double shifts.
    You sometimes leave your allocated position before you have completed the day’s work.
    And if that were not all, you have been seen constantly entering and leaving the workplace carrying 2 suspicious-looking bags.

    The Management

  23. 24

    rose said,

    Hey Eliminator , you can’t defend the argument right ?? that is why you are calling me prostitute. That is what the losers do. So, how much money the Bhutanese strippers/pole dancers from the States send home ??? That is a good way of building country’s foreign exchange reserve, isn’t it ??

  24. 25

    eliminator of topiwalas said,

    yes i know that is what you do in US. you are a stripper and pole dancer. may be some bhutaneses might have slipped dollars inside ur underwear or had you right there against that very pole on which you hang your life. you know why I am saying this? A Nepali friend told me that 11 million Nepalies are living outside Nepal and 50% of them are sex workers. I think you are an export quality otherwise you should have been in Bombay or the backpackers f**king you right insde katmandu. I wish India and other country also legalize prostitution so that millions of nepali gals can claim they are legal and respected tax payers.

  25. 26

    concern said,


    here is the link which refers to the invitation of ULFA and other millitants to Bhutan. I am afraid you will not beleive this by going through your earlier posts.

  26. 27

    concern said,

    The Outlook magazine was immediately put off from book stalls in Bhutan following the revelation.

  27. 28

    rose said,

    Eliminator, this is a public forum. Mind your language, this is how you are brought up by your yak herder parents I suppose. You sound like one frustrated , desperate loser who grew up eating raw flesh of yak. This is how people behave if they eat raw meat like animals.

  28. 29

    eliminator of topiwalas said,

    Hey you struggling stripper and pole dancer, truth hurts right? You think I should respect this forum — full of liars, criminals, looters, strippers, the goat eaters, Khadkis, Deulas, Barbers,Aghori, Karori (Kichchak, Kisan, Koche, Khatwe, Chamar/Mochi/Harijan, Chidimar, Gudihara, Jhangad,Jhangar Kachhuwa, Kharawa, Bakala, Bujira, Bekh, Lakada, Doom/Dom/Dhangar, Tatma, Tanti, Toori, Dusadh, Dhuniyan, Dhobi, Nat, Pamariya, Paswan, Pasi, Bantar, Bhilla, Bhuiya, Mirshikar, Munda, Mushar, Rachwar, Sharbhanga, Satar, Santal, Halkhor etc.hundbadurs, danmayas, thapmayas, kantsas and kanchis? Shame on you, keep dreaming! by the way which is a stripper/pole dancer caste????? Better rename it as a “stripper/Pole dancer’s Forum”. i dont give shit to ur Forum!!

  29. 30

    rose said,

    Hey Eliminator, stop behaving like a crazy animal.

  30. 31

    concern said,

    Hi Rose

    It is better you ignore the comments posted by such an ignorent racist person who hates humanity. Because responding to such a filthy post compel us to come down to their label of thinking i guess which you do not want. We know that we (Bhutanese Gorkha) are conscious of our rights and the draconian laws imposed on us. I guess even after having tied the chains of domesticity, freedom to choose around our arm or even after paralyising us the fear will haunt the regime like the lady Macbeth and although crippled , unable to walk WE WILL CONTINUE TO THINK.

  31. 32

    Bhutia said,

    When I read some of the remarks in the responses given to this post I have the impression of getting back to 18th/19th centuries to hear the expression “Bhutias” dating from British days. Some people came into contact with British colonizers and exposed to British education to a little extent and they thought that thery were the most civilized in the world looking down at those “Bhutias” comprising the people of Tibet, Ladakh, Spiti, Northern Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan… Apparently, this atitude does still continue to be present among some people claiming high and loud as victims at the same time.
    It is amazing to read – the judgement about certain local customs or the remarks of the kind – yak herders “eating raw flesh of yak” etc… Who hasn’t come out of stone age?

    The richeness of the culture of those “Bhutias” is internationally known now, if a handful of ignorant and blind people doesn’t know, it is helpless!

    Rose may have been in the States but apparently she has never been to a restaurant and saw people eating a bleeding raw beefsteaks. This person prefers rather cowboys than yak herders? Of course the cowboys are “civilized” isn’t it? But Rose forgets that “the most democratic country in the World” giving lessons to the whole world, do not hesitate to invade a free country like Irak bombarding civilians killing thousands of men, women and children for petrol. It would not be surprising if a gurkha regiment of the US Army participated in this barbaric act. The cowboys consume 60 % of the natural resources of this planet and they are not ready to sacrifice even a tiny thing for changing their way of life to help preserving our planet!

    The Sikkimese are minority in their own country. By the way, who sold this coutry to India? What about the “greater Nepal” or “greater Gorkhaland”? Do they still want to copy white people killing all the natives and build a big nation like the USA, Australia…? Why not?

  32. 33

    despite all that this lunatic has written, it’s still a fact that all races of people in bhutan are considered bhutanese and are given equal rights in evry way.who ever you think you are, stop writing such bullshit.just leave our peaceful country alone and mind your own god damn business…despite all that you’ve written with so much effort, no one gives a shit about your stupid blog.that’s all i’ve got to say.

  33. 34

    dear rose,
    this is a request from my side and also from all other bhutanese citizens…
    the problem between us is solved and there’s nothing you can do about it…why are you even supporting this forum?if you’re really a rose then act like one n forget all of this…Think you are a nepali…remain one…the southern people are known as lhotshampas, not nepalis…so you better keep this in i said before they are bhutanese citizens and are just like dont try and make a bad impression about our king infront of them.I’m a defence personnel and if you write any more of this crap…then better watch out

  34. 35

    Bill Butler said,

    Is all that anger spewing a good thing? Is it emotional puss draining from too much desire for the impossible? Will shouting your disappointment help?

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