Waiting for the time to ripen

After a news portal made public the arrest of some citizens from west-southern district in last week of May, fear spread among the democratic enthusiasts in Thimphu that they may also face similar consequences. However, after police announced that the people were linked with some communist group formed by Bhutanese refugees in Nepal, the suffocation among the people flexed. Yet the fear has not cleared for the spies of the wangchuks run around the Thimphu looking after people having link with these people called communists.

At the same time, I heard of some rumours that the wangchuk government has finalised the plans to crash some more citizens and that the plans would begin to be executed from south-eastern districts.

Thus, the circumstances forced me to run to these places to see how the people have been living. I reached Samdrup Jongkhar with my secret plans.
I face shortage of my money to stay in hotels here, however, there are no relatives who can accommodate me. Finally, an Indian who runs small business turned to be a new friend, in need, indeed.

I looked through the districts and contacted some people around if the rumours spread in Thimphu was correct. I had concluded while in Thimphu that the rumours should have some facts behind because the government had already announced 80,000 illegal immigrants still living in the country.

And yes, the rumour was correct. After the arrest of the communist enthusiast in west, the local authorities, on assumption that these communists have been running training camps in eastern districts, asked some six families to leave the country immediately. I met four of these families and suggested not to obey the wangchuk promulgated orders and believe that in either way victory of the people, the suppressed voices, is certain. It takes time, have patience.

Yet the fear that dominated the psychology of these threatened families has so deepened that in the days ahead, they would not find alternatives than to leave the country.

Militarisation of eastern and southern districts has already begun in the name of catching the communist enthusiasts. The people in eastern districts have been living under state terror at this present situation. They are unaware what the wangchuk government would do now on.

Even then, the ire among the common people against the establishment has been increasing. Hopefully, the exasperation prevailing for a long period would come out once the wangchuks opens up the politics. The parties formed under the direction of the wangchuks would become a boomerang to topple the tyrants, people wait for the opportunities.


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    AkuTashi said,

    Even then, the ire among the common people against the establishment has been increasing. Hopefully, the exasperation prevailing for a long period would come out once the wangchuks opens up the politics. The parties formed under the direction of the wangchuks would become a boomerang to topple the tyrants, people wait for the opportunities.

    Nepal is not Bhutan and Bhutan is not Nepal. Gyanendra is not our King and our King is not Gyanendra. The Bhutanese are not Nepalis and the Nepalis are not Bhutanese. We are a proud nation with a legacy of Kings that have enjoyed the love and the trust of the people. You are not. We are content because we have a very damn good reason to be. You will never be that. We don’t whore our country for commercial gains. You do. You are a communist and a terrorist. That also makes you a liar and a thief. So as far as I’m concerned, you can die as soon as you stop hallucinating.

  2. 2

    kamala said,

    Let me be the first to comment on this article. I am amazed by the author’s ability to cook the propaganda… still ignorant of who the target audiences are and their intellect to read between lines. The author must be a novice refugee leader who has a limited knowledge on Bhutan (because s/he has never been a Bhutanese citizen) but has a hearsay information like many Nepalese people living in the periphery of refugee camps or people who infiltered into the camps and registered themselves as refugees do.

    For the fact that I left Bhutan at age 12 with my parents under the threat of Bhutan People Party’s six inch slogan (translating to decapitation of your head off if you don’t leave the country to support their party activity), I had little knowledge about Bhutan when I was growing in the refugee camp. But from the story my parent tells me how Bhutan was, and from my own visit to Bhutan twice in 2005, twice in 2006 and in March this year, the experience of having lived in democratic Nepal under constant fear without hope for future for 17 years, Bhutan, I think is a better place.

    Say as you may, all genuine Bhutanese will go back to Bhutan and others, if they don’t accpet the US offer for third country resettlement, will find their way to their own home, back to where they came from…excluding Bhutan.

  3. 3

    Hulla said,

    Bhutan is for Bhutanese and not for rats such as this blogger. Perhaps he is looking too far into far away places and missing wht is happening rite in front of him – the people, the country they call I-dont-know-what.

  4. 4

    Honduras said,

    Any person who has the remotest links to communists should be hanged upside down, their balls ripped off with a blunt kitchen knife and those balls should be shoved down their asses. Communism is fad that can only survive in a country called Nepal held hostage by people like this blogger. Honestly…?

  5. 5

    Dorji Tashi said,

    It seems the commentators know nothing about the head and tail of politics. Ha ha ha ! You better read some politics rather than running after wangchuks and driving their flies. You will land nowhere. I say nowhere!

  6. 6

    kamala said,

    Dorji Tashi:

    17 years in the camp I have learned enough of those petty politics. You must be a novice yourself who does not know anything about politics; it does not necessarily mean that you have political knowledge because you can misguide helpless youths and use them as a weapon to terrorize innocent people for your unrealistic political ambition.

    We have had enough of those craps in the camp for the last 17 years and I am now in a mission to fight tooth and nail, and let the people in the camp know that what you chicken hearted self proclaimed leaders say, is wrong. In my best words, I can describe those leaders as “arrogantly snoring bulls”. I met Thinley Penjor and Narat Adhikari and asked about the scope of long march and their opinion on third country resettlement. At first they said they will not tell because I am not a member of thier party. Although their statement riled through my nerves, I had politely asked them to convince me why I should become member of their party. They started building castle in the sky and were talking as if they are going to occupy Tashi Chhodzong tomorrow. I couldn’t myself laughing and almost took my pants off, but I thought that will be too much for the first meeting.


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