Death days ahead

Kings find days difficult these days. There have not been enough politicians for them to mock the democracy at the same time so loyal to them to strengthen their powers within the palace. From the diverse field, the palace has been encouraging its nears and dears to plunge into the hells of mockery democracy.

For years, the regime suppressed the people and the intellectuals joining politics unless found hardcore supporter to the palace and the royal family. By the time, country needed a capable leader, there are no one coming ahead. Politics remain flat.

Doctors, from a total of 90 in the country plus few foreigners, so-called journalists, diplomats, bureaucrats, lecturers, lawyers announced to change their profession, for the shake of protecting last years of wangchuks.

In the sponsorship of wangchuks, a survey had said Bhutanese are the happiest of all Asians and now the survey by government body itself, created by inventor of GNH for Jigme’s sake, has revealed that only 60 people out of 100 are happy. Ironically, the mock survey asked 350 people in mass of 700,000.

One might not think, as the process not mentioned, that the respondents were not members of a family or relatives of those sent for collecting infos.

So, the bases are changing, the reality gradually comes up. As the king find difficulties in choosing a person for upcoming polls, the days will be even harder when those supporting the regimes become frustrated for bias treatment. The mockery in the upcoming general and national council election would put the figure of happy people to less than 50, thus paving a good way for eradication of the wangchuks.

The wangchuks have already bit their tail and it will never get separated rather the dragon die. The reason is simple, its not worthwhile to elaborate. Take a serpent, for example and put its tail to its mouth and observe. The result you get will apply to Bhutan. Takes time, be patient.

The bigger dragon is advancing from the north, another clumsy, glutton expansionist is grasping from the south. A potato in the middle, will become like bread when it cooks enough. It is cooking now.


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  1. 1

    kamala said,

    As usual, let me start by saying that I left Bhutan when I was 12 with my parents who were forced by the Bhutan Peoples’ Party (BPP). Had my parents disagreed to support BPP they would have been killed by the violent party cadre. My parents, with a heavy lead on their heart, choose to live a life and raise us (children) to a fully grown human being and let us know the truth while they knew they are loosing their beloved country. But then the situation was between life and death, and any ordinary people would have chosen life over death.

    I am now 29. For over nine years I have been doing a research on the mental growth of the so-called leaders in the refugee camps and their actual attachment to people living in the camps. Finally, I have to conclude that they are a group of ignorant people who are confined to their own world of corrupting the soul of young people so they can prolong the refugee problem, while they raise money and build their future in the name of refugee and human rights violation.

    These refugee leaders do not know that we are in the 21 st century where communication technologies have transcended everything and it’s just a click away from the computer. The so-called refugee leaders are not into finding a solution to the misery of refugees; they are into realising their financial dreams through the use of refugees as a milking cow. Teknath Rizal has a three-storeyed building in the heart of Bitamod and several bigas of land; DP Kafley has several lands and ‘gowa bari’ at Hariyu Budhabari; Budathoki who wa murdered and Balaram Poudel have properties in Durgapur; RB Basnet has a building and a share in a super market in Kathmandu; DNS Dhakal has building at Gurung Basti in Siliguri; SK Pradhan had a building at Kalimati in Kathmandu but last time I asked one of his chamcha said that he believed that SK sold the building after he was arrested in the Budathoki’s murder case, to pay off the fees for his lawyers, and Ratan Gazmere has several bank accounts both in India and Nepal. His property has not been revealed but from reliable sources he is believed to be owning at least one building in Zorthang in Sikkim.

    These so-called leaders are taking advantage of people in the camp who do not have access to adequate information. The world know that these refugee leaders were wrong and the people in the camps merely became hostage of wrong propagation of human rights violation in Bhutan. A patriots like me who do not have any problem with the government of Bhutan and its policies will voluntarily go back and no force will hold us back, while others who are concerned with their future will go to the western country for resettlement, an opportunity that will come once in a life time.

    Our fellow refugees mus wake up and speak to ourselves. Individually, we all know who we are; some of the people out there were never been to Bhutan and some of the people never had Bhutanese citizenship. I live in the camp and I know. For the sake of the children and younger generation, please give up your hope of becoming the Bhutanese citizen; it’s an unrealistic dream. Let the genuine people go back to their country they call home without hindrance.

    And for those who write crap, you are making the future of the innocent people bleank by writing untrue stories.

    May peace prevail in Bhutan and those innocent people who fell victim of refugee leaders get justice soon.

    Kamala, Birtamod

  2. 2

    blog author said,

    i would like to make clarification on the comment by ‘kamala’. dear readers, please don’t cheat yourself. the commentator, as is mentioned as the end of the comment to have posted from Birtamod (i assume this to be Nepal as this person mentioned camps), is incorrect. the person is writing from the US, not from nepal.

    i also assume that this hard core royalist had pretended to be a ngolop in nepal, which looked not real.

    dear (Mr/Ms/Mrs) ‘kamala’ be sincere to make comments, don’t be imaginary.


    jigme singye
    (now in Samdrup Jongkhar)

  3. 3

    alubari said,

    The political system doesnt matter but people working in the system matters. Whatever system you would like to call, JSW is the best leader in the world (Time Magazine quoted).He is the king of the people and for the people.
    Kamala, you and colleagues are cheated by everyone there. UNCHR helps you but at a minimum subsistence level. Major chunk goes to the refugee leaders and the staff of UNCHR’s pocket.
    Also,pretending to be refugees, some nepali citizens have already moved to Europe
    So, in your name, many are benefitting and they would like to prolong the repatriation process as long as they can.
    Remmber in 2003, many were about to be repatriated but your leaders helped by mobs in the camp stopped the verification process. Now they dont want resettlement – why?.

  4. 4

    kamala said,

    I implore all readers to make a wise judgement about the issue of human rights situation in Bhutan. There are many documents avialable online reported by some of the most respected and unbaised writers. The blog author seems to be quite ignorant that s/he accused me of haing mistaken the name of the camps. If he/she is one of the refugee leaders it is obvious that he/she doesn’t live in the camp and does not know the suffering of people in the camps.

    I wrote I am writing from Birtamod because there is not internet facility in the camps and Birtamod is the nearest town from the camp I live, and for me to use internet I have to travel to Birtamod, therefore; i mentioned Birtamod as a place where I am writing from in my signature.

  5. 5

    […] For A Democracy on why the Wangchuks will find the future harder than they imagined. “In the sponsorship of wangchuks, a survey had said Bhutanese are the happiest of all Asians and now the survey by government body itself, created by inventor of GNH for Jigme’s sake, has revealed that only 60 people out of 100 are happy. Ironically, the mock survey asked 350 people in mass of 700,000.” Share This […]

  6. 6

    Dorji Tashi said,

    Dear commentators,
    I am a regular visitor of this site where I love to read peoples’ opinions. What I have concluded is that tyrant Jigme still has a big foreign pocket to feed its chamchas like Kamala, who cunningly says that she is from Birtamod.
    I would also like to ask Kamala whether there was/is human rights violation in Bhutan or not? Whether she has her own heart and body that could rationalize the world outside or she purely is a hollow puppet in someone’s hand? If u were a human being u and loving to see the camp people liberated from that sort of inhuman activities of the leaders, what are you waiting tobring these leaders to justice? MAy be u alone can’t but you see there are people in the camps who are really looking to put an aend to that.

    Whatever u may think tyrant Wangchuk is half dead and just waiting for a signal to fall.
    Dorji Tashi

  7. 7

    kamala said,

    I honestly think that the death days are really nearing for my refugee leaders, least they are well settled in Nepal or elsewhere. A good number of refugees will be resettled in the USA, Canada, Australia and in some of the european countries in a few years. I cannot think of a good day when refugee learders become like a fish without water.

    The good thing is that the refugee suffering is ending in a few years. It’s is enduring but compared to 17 years of suffering without hope, I think five years (time when all refugee will have finally rebuilt their hope and future) is not a long wait.

    Last week I had been to Kakarvitta and met Balaram Poudel. I have clandestinely asked him what needs to be done to purchase a piece of land anywhere in Jhapa. He told me he can broker a deal and help me with the deed. In almost fifteen minutes conversation, never did he mention a word about the situation of refugees in the camps, rather he is willing to broker a deal for me to purchase a land. Probably he was trying to sell his own land.

    My fellow refugees, how can we expect such a corrupt people to deliver us a promising future. How many more years can we believe their lies? We know we have been cheated. We know we have been betrayed. We know what they are saying is not true. Yet we choose to follow them. Let us speak out and let us decide our own future and the future of our children.

  8. 8

    Dorji Tashi said,

    Hi everybody,
    It seems some of u have eaten fucking Bush’s shit which is going to land u up in a situation where u will be trapped or u r already in a trap so u wanted to see others in the same.

    But u see all refugees are not fools like u. Selfish and good for nothing. People like u will nither find a place in family nor in any human society.

    U are in a mission to ruin our lives further. But u will never be successful in your henious mission. Better understand!

  9. 9

    Tobgay said,

    HI Kamala,
    Your post is sensational. You should engage in the debates that has been happening at

  10. 10

    AkuTashi said,

    well..if everybody wants to be resettled to the US and not everybody can be resettled, then it’s enough reason for the “party leaders” to intimidate the powerless majority into demanding reparation “at all costs”, while the dominant few and those in their favour get their baggages ready for the trans-atlantic flight. Sad for a human to be used by his own people as a means to a selfish end…not that it is anything new anyways. What else can you expect when you have thieves and criminals as “leaders” than to be swung around as a weapon while they attack Bhutan..and crawl behind you like the worms they are, using you as a shield when they’re under heat.

    You write with so much conviction that “The bigger dragon is advancing from the north, another clumsy, glutton expansionist is grasping from the south. A potato in the middle, will become like bread when it cooks enough. It is cooking now.”

    Its funny you precieve those neighbouring countries as threats while the only threat precieved and recognized by Bhutan are the political and material aspirations of a few cheap crooks that are responsible for the whole refugee issue. It is their creation, it’s what sustains them and it’s what they dwell on. It’s their hope that this issue is not solved, because otherwise, these small minded idiots lose thier “star-status” and with it, their means to further their material wishes. They are the real threat…not just to the Bhutanese, but also to peace and stability to the whole region. The dragon, glutton, potato and bread analogy would be fitting to describe not Bhutan, but the poor refugees and the so called “leaders” (I’d call them losers).

    If the policies of the neighbouring countries were as you said they were, it would not be so different for Nepal too…especially with the communists in the parliament. Maybe one fine day, when those communist “leaders” are promised enough…they might just call an emergency sitting in the parliament and vote unanimously to cecede Nepal to China…just like they did to Sikkim. Well you know the phrase..”sell your own mother..” and all.

    I know enough honest hard working Nepalis, who earn their livelihood by the sweat off their brows…and also enough of those who do nothing but talk, promise you the moon and make you steal your neighbour’s chicken at night and give you the feathers so that he can send the neighbour and the police to you the next day. Unfortunately, and my deepest sympathies to all the refugees, it’s the latter who are the “leaders” in the camps.

  11. 11

    rose said,

    Aku, actually if you are aware of similar problems like Bhutanese refugees you shouldn’t wish for refugees settlement in US. Look at what happened to Tamil problems in Sri Lanka. They have not been able to solve the problem after decades of turmoil because Tamils have access to sophisticated arms and ammunition funded by the fellow Tamils who have settled in the west. You guys are naive to think that the refugee will forget about Bhutan. No way, it is a wishful thinking. So, you guys should try and stay together no matter what. By the way, I hear Lyonpo Sangye Ngedup is reasonably fair to the Lhotsampas, that is what lhotsampas who work under him say.

  12. 12

    chitra pradhan said,

    Is this blog dead?

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