A sovereign country!!!

After all the point to let other know that king rules with power in the center and all around him are just nothing but to do what has been told to do. The power prowlers around the palace and the royal family neglect what the nation needs rather concentrate what the king and his family needs.

The latest activities and behavior of one of the cabinet ministers has explicitly showed this. The mock election is a film story woven by Jigme Singye with his daughter’s made father Jigme Thinley.

Everything is being managed in New Delhi. To know what would happen in Thimphu please visit South Block what’s cooking for Bhutan.

I hope, it would rather be an Indian state that to tag as an independent country and run from a foreign capital. Because the oxford dictionary has already mentioned that Bhutan is a India protected.

The young tyrant recently sold the duars area to India in assurance to preserve him in the throne. In the north, the wangchuks have ceded over 9,000 sq km of land to China. If you have not known, please search the new map produced by the wangchuk government which states that the area of Bhutan is 38,000 sq km.

For centuries, we read the area of Bhutan was 46,500 sq km.

This all happened in hope that the throne for this wangchuks would remain preserved from both north and south.

But hope, the squeezing process would go on until Thimphu remains as a country where the wangchuks would still boost to have preserved the national sovereignty and independence of the country.

I suggest the wangchuks also to adopt the slogan ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ (as I see in most trucks and vehicles passing through Jaigaon and Phuentsholing), for Bhutanese people as well.



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  1. 1

    Tobgay said,

    Rather you can come up with a slogan “Mera Jhapa Mahan”.

    You all deserve to be treated as you are.

  2. 2

    Pema said,

    Of course, I agree with your article, I mean your facts. I also completely hate the Wangchuk monarchy. When I was in west germany a guy said “People in Bhutan seem educated but consciousless”. Until and unless monarchy is abolished in Bhutan, we wont get democracy. The recent rehersal of mock-election is just to make Wangchuk dynasty more cruel and tyrant. I request to all Bhutanese people to understand a fact why the world where more than 200 countries had been ruled by king like Jigme, abdicted monarchism and followed democracy? Of course king Jigme and his puppets have made Bhutan a part of India. No need to feel surprise if somedays in future Bhutan gets the fate of Sikkim. Being a Bhutanese I have never realised I am a citizen of an Independent and Sovereign Country.

  3. 3

    tshering said,

    please dont say bad about our country . in bhutan our people love our king more than there live . long live our wangchuk dynasty .

  4. 4

    So Funny said,

    Keep going guys. Don’t stop now!

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