Mocking with democracy

I am writing two days ahead of Jigme’s second round of mocking with democracy. This in turn is not only mocking with the democracy, the sovereign power of the people to rule the country but mocking with himself knowing last days are nearer.

Bhutan promotes culture and heritage and the conservationist must also take into mind, hope he had done it, that a lamp in verge of extinction lit large. The royals in Sikkim had met with similar fate for denying respecting the voice of the people. The legendary monarch in Cooch Bihar has been tarnished of any further annuities from the central government and the monarch in Nepal is facing the last battle only to loose. Now the final point where khuru should hit is at wangchuks in Thimphu.

Jigme prompted terrorism in Bhutan. The first is the state terrorism and the second by dinning with ULFA in eastern districts.

Can anyone answer which is terrorism:

1. Term those demanding human rights as terrorists
2. Give shelter to militants and dine with them

Another phase of terrorism would arrive out of the present mockery. Everything has been carved from the Tashichodzong in the name of people. Thousands of people from the east have been denied citizenship and right to vote in the upcoming mockeries. People may not like voting to legitimise the terrorism of the Jigmes but our concern is they need to be treated as citizens.

This time, no doubt, the Jigme’s colour will win and then follows the course of Bhutanese politics. One of the parties has already designed its flag on yellow background with a galloping horse. This is religion politics.

The terrorist government has now brought several notices that religions should not be mixed up with the politics, religious personalities should not be involved in the politics. Has this regime remembered that religious had been the basis of its southern Bhutan operation in 1990 when the people from that area were forced out of the country reasoning they attacked the customs and traditions of the ruling elite?

Thousands of easterners were blown up, arrested, tortured after the attempted demonstration in 1997. This had forced the Jimes to reshuffle the aged-old cabinet and include sarchops into the cabinet as part of getting support of the eastern people. but only the cowardice have joined the wangchucks, sons of the land wait the days to raise the patang against the ruling regime. Jigme Y Thinley, thinly Jamtsho, Jigme Thulthrim, Jigme Singye (mostly jigmes which means ‘cannot afraid’) will no more be the rulers of this nation.

The jigme controlled media and foreign correspondents who have been permitted only in central and north-eastern parts of the country, only reports that people favour king continue his direct rule. Indirectly, this intends to transfer the power to palace showing the parties failing to meet the sentiments of the people and that people still wish king to rule.


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    […] Bhutan: For a Democracy on mocking democracy. “Thousands of people from the east have been denied citizenship and right to vote in the upcoming mockeries. People may not like voting to legitimise the terrorism of the Jigmes but our concern is they need to be treated as citizens.” Share This […]

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    kamala said,

    A total non sense. You cannot write everything because you know how to write. A victim of BPP demonstration in 1989 myself, I would say that people who have taken the law of the land for granted and shitted in the plate they ate, and people who have threatened innocent people of their lives if they don’t join the demonstration, are the real terrorists.

    I was just a child when I have to leave Bhutan with my parents to Nepal who were threatened by BPP cadres of decapitation (I was told by my parents that they used to call it six inch).

    I have some of my relatives inside Bhutan and I visit them occasionally. Immigration and police officers at the check point were very friendly and the only question they have asked so far is my home town. Because I had the liberty of hearing many things people talk about in the camps I was very curious and asked my relatives inside Bhutan, to see if what I hear is true. I hear a different story. They were never intimidated by the government; they were never asked to produce any kind of documents. Getting NOC for their son going abroad for study under government scholarship was fairly very easy.

    This kind of negative media report is effecting the cause of genuine Bhutanese people who were made to leave the country by the BPP under the edge of Khukuri.

    I think the truth will prevail and all genuine Bhutanese who is suffering in the camp will have justice from the so-called refugee leaders. I am sick of living a hellish life in the refugee camp and want to go back to Bhutan very soon. If anyone who think Bhutan is not your country and simply want to defame and don’t care about the people in the camps, just fold your hands and sit back. Let the poor people decide their fate.

    From the experience I have living seventeen years in the camp and having known all so-called refugee leaders, Bhutan will be better off with the king who is compassionate, than refugee leaders who seek to behead if their party is not supported.

    I know many who are real patriots have already re-entered and settled in Bhutan and I have already made up my mind to go back voluntarily.

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    Ahzaygooroo said,

    Dear Kamala

    I am very intrigued by your response. Yours is a lone voice but it has to become a powerful one because you have searched for the truth and come to it. YEs, Bhutan NEVER forced anyone to leave and committed the horrors that we have been accused of.

    I had a colleague from Southern Bhutan whose entire family (all citizens) wanted to leave because the leaders of the movement were herding and forcing all the Nepalese to. We (at the time we were in Thimphu) we totold him “look it is better here than going to live in the camps. Your families future here is by far better here than in the camps- where it will be so uncertain.

    Raj was such a nice guy and he knew in his heart that what we said was true. Although some people called the southerners “Jaga” westerners were calling easterners “sharchop tsu” and easterner were calling us westerners names too. But this is not discrimination. This happens in any country. oSoutherners had equal opportunity. As you have seen for yourself and realized it is these leaders who who have led you into this mess.

    I hope you will lead your people through your voice of reason and tell them to either take the opportunity to go to the US or Canada and if you are citizens, you will see a happy ending in Bhutan if . My prayers are with you.

    Please keep writing and letting your voice be heard. You are important. Right now we need more people like you who can lead the lost masses and be the voice of reason.

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    Ahzaygooroo said,

    I forgot to mention. Raj’s family didnt leave. They came to Thimphu and lived cramped up in his two bedroom apartment. He had about 12 people living with him for about 3 months.

    Months later when his family went back and he went to the south, he said it felt like a haunted ghost town because all these peolpe had left – voluntarily. He said wild elephants were coming into the fields because it was so empty. But he said in many ways it was good because they had a choice of land an. However they did miss their friends and brothers.

    They are still in Southern Bhutan

  5. 5

    I have read this blog. Thanks for all information. Last many years out side of Bhutan, we do not knows about Bhutan politices, societies, cultural issues. I am interested to knows it. Any Bhutani Journalist please contact with me. Because I am Bangladeshi Journalist working in Media organization.


    Executive Director
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

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