Un-enough HRW report II

This is the continuation of the article you read below about the HRW report published recently.

I feel the report is so limited and incomplete, if not biased. The gross human rights violation is in eastern Bhutan for centuries. The crackdown in south began only two decades back. But we have been facing such suppression since the establishment of wangchuk authority.

The wangchuks sold out Tawang Monastery to Tibet. Killed the shabdurng and his incarnates. Forced his followers to leave the country. Yet easterners tolerate them all.

I suppose the report has become partial due to unsupportive nature of the wangchuk authority. That is certain but that should not be the simple reason for the organisation like HRW to become mere spectator of the human rights violations in Bhutan. Protection of human rights should not limit to Lhotsampas and students from other ethnic groups went to India for studies.

The report only quoted Lhotsampas who went outside Bhutan even while living in Bhutan now. There was no step taken to call eastern Bhutanese for such interview. While people like Rongthong Kuenley Dorji and Thinley Penjor say they have been fight for the rights of the easterners, they should have cooperated with easterners to bring out their voices of suppression in the international circle through HRW report. At the same time, the HRW should have campaigned for its presence in Bhutan for monitoring human rights violation issue.

This is ironic to mention here that while Bhutan has been saying it was committed to protecting the rights of the people, no international and regional human rights groups have been allowed to visit Bhutan and access the situation human rights here. It has become utmost necessary that national committees of the international human rights groups like HRW, Amnesty International, Asian Human Rights Committee etc are established here.

The government has no proposed, in the so-called constitution, formation of rights monitoring body at the national level. Such a body has become important part of the government system to ensure that people’s rights have been well protected.

While the US has been advocating the Lhotsampas in Nepal to resettle on humanitarian ground, why is it not taking initiative to improve the human rights situation here? I think, improving human rights situation in Bhutan is much import than resettling Lhotsampas in the US. The US proposal and HRW, the apex human rights watchdog of the US, report is contrast.

Please, HRW visit the eastern and other parts of the country, though your influence on your government and Indian government to access the deteriorating situation inside Bhutan.

Will you hear the easterners?


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  1. 1

    easterner said,

    hey, i am from the east and i wasn’t the least faced with any human rights violation or things like that.

    we get free education and health services…the southerners destroyed theirs long time ago…and oh, most of the refugees in nepal are nepalis themselves and it will take a long time to resolve the issue as the nepalese govt. does not want to resolve the issue since they will not get those unhcr AID no more! and the wangchuck dynasty was formed before the arrival of lotshampas…the lotshampas migrated to bhutan from nepal and india sometime during the 1950s…

    and dont try to get the easterners broiled with your problem…

  2. 2

    Neten said,

    what can the HRW do if the government does not allow it to enter the country. it can just cry with people with whom it has contacts. if the government wishes, it can coordinate with such organisation to improve the human rights situation. this will help gain the popularity of the government itself.


  3. 3

    paro said,

    when HRW cannot bring out the cases of human rights violations inside the country, that means thare are no such incidents so far.

  4. 4

    kamala said,

    I have lived in the camp myself. I left Bhutan with my parents when i was only 12. My family were forced to join BPP demonstration. The party cadres later threatened to leave the country to join their forces or face the wrath of their popular 6 inch, which translates to decapitation.

    There is more human rights violation in the refugee camps than in Bhutan. My parents tell me that it was most unfortunate for them to leave the country. The so-called leaders are like an arrogant snoring bull; they are the most human rights violaters. People in the refugee camps are not allowed to choose what is best for their future. They are constantly intimidated by these leaders and instilled in them fear, that they will face political action, that could mean anything.

    Many guinine Bhutanese like my parents really regret of what had happened in Bhutan. After having lived in Nepal for seventeen odd years under constant fear of maoist and having seen untable government under democracy, most people in the camps silently think that Bhutan is not yet ready for democracy.

    If voluntary repatriation with verification of valid proof of citizenship by the Bhutanese government is opened, most patriotic citizens, I think, are willing to repatriate without any demand of democracy or human rights.

  5. 5

    jurme said,

    HRW report clearly sees the Bhutan only through the eyes of Lhotshampas. They hardly care to inquire the situation of Sharchops and Naglong community. It is tragedy that HRW least bothered to seek the comment from Sharchop leaders in exiles. It is true that human rights are violated in East and South but west ( Naglong community) hardly get the mention in foreign news paper. In reality the people of Thimphu, Punakah and Wangdi Phodrang has to brave the gross violation inflicted upon them by Queens’s family members.
    Repeated mentioning of Naglong as ruling elite is unfounded. Monarch resides is Western region doesn’t necessarily means whole of Naglong community are empowered. Monarch is assisted by Sharchops, and Paropas, But the person from Sharchop community like Sonam Tobgay, Dr. Jigme Singye , Jigme Y Thinley , Thinley Jamtsho, Jigme Tsheltrum are hardly mentioned. Only Naglong race are vilified!. Actually these bunches of Sharchop are hardcore supporter of Wangchuck regime and hell bent to perpetuate the Wangchusk dynasty in collaboration with King under the veil of democracy.
    I believe that readers will think this over because democracy will not only free the yoke of oppression to Sharchop and Lhotshampas, but Naglong community too. The Naglong community too deserved its share of attention.

  6. 6

    AkuTashi said,

    Hahaha…in the AI report, they wrote that refugee children had to bicycle 15 Kms to to school (oh..because they’re refugees and life is hard and so on). Funny thing is, I walked half an hour to school every day of my primary school days and nobody cared!! THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!

    Of course HRW is in their favour. Victim sympathy, y’see. Just like we Bhutanese feel for the Tibetans…Free Tibet and all, regardless of what Tibet may have done to Bhutan in the past and what it might do to Bhutan if it ever becomes independent. Yup…its funny (Of course, I’m all for a free Tibet).

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