Un-enough HRW report – 1

The latest news that google delivered me was the report published by the New York based group called Human Rights Watch about the human rights situation in this country. It almost consumed my whole day to go through, repeatedly so that I can catch what exactly was said, without misinterpretation.

I personally appreciate the initiative taken by the group in publishing the harsh condition of human rights here. To improve the situation, such groups must continue its lobby and activities in this area giving more pressure on the government.

Some months back, I had mailed the HRW officers in New York. The person had replied:

“I am sorry that our reports have not lived up to your expectation. You may be interested to know that in about two months’ time, Human Rights Watch will publish a report on the Bhutanese refugees in Nepal. That report will also include a section on the human rights situation in Bhutan. It will be available on our website at the same time as the release of the printed version of the report.
Yours Sincerely,
Katinka Ridderbos”

Now the report is brought out. However, the report does not contain enough material that can reflect the worst human rights condition here. The report only wobbles around the story of Lhotsampas. Is it fabricated?

Bhutan not only has Lhotsampas. There are a number of ethnic groups. It is not the Lhotsampas who have been mistreated by the wangchuk administration but the people from eastern districts. Lhotsampas, whom the wangchuks tagged terrorists, have been benefited not only by the UNHCR facilities but by the hands extended by international groups like HRW regarding their cause. But do they really align with the most suppressed groups of the country.

For centuries, the easterners have been suppressed. The only destination they can go on leaving Bhutan would be India, which it seems not suitable because this ‘expansionist’ giant, as the communists say, feed only the riches and the rulers not the poors and the people.

What I should guess is that HRW might have not given access to visit Bhutan. Certainly, this happens because the wangchuk administration is not really interested in giving rights to the people. All those who raise a single question are shot or sent to jail for the whole life? Who takes care of all these? Are there media in the country that can challenge the wangchuks in favour of people’s sovereignty?

The media are the propaganda machinery of the wangchuks.

I shall follow the report the coming day. Please bear for now

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