Forfeited software and the wangchuks

Before I sat for writing another piece on wangchuks’ monopoly in Bhutan in the name of nationality, national security, national sovereignty etc etc.. I cannot remember them all, I looked into google search what is cooking on the term ‘Bhutan’.

The computer here in the café hanged twice. Finally, the cyber owner managed update the security forces against the anti-national viruses and expelled them out of the computer. Thank god, the computer is peaceful now.

Not exactly the computer was cleaned up, I learnt later. The spyware was activated to over-cede the attack of the viruses. When is stopped the software running, the computer hanged.

Norton was then run. It scanned all files but found no files infected with virus. The installation of the window was not correct. A pirated version was installed and many essential files were removed. As the computer fails to function, the cyber owner starts to run spyware or anti virus. He was unaware that malfunction of the computer was due to his inability to manage it properly.

I am asked to choose another computer. It was better than the first.

By this time, my enthusiasm to write on the subject I choose is finished. Just I checked my mail. There were so many responses from readers to whom I mailed to check my blog. I could not go through them all. On doing so, I may have to pay many money to cyber which I am not carrying.

I realize what I faced just now can be well compared with the situation in Bhutan. The cyber administrator, here Mr Wangchuks, don’t know that they have installed a pirated version of laws and rules that hampers the functioning of the state. People who have contributed to state building have been suppressed, they are called ‘viruses’.

Do you know ‘A burnt child dreads the fire’? Wangchuks are the same. Their relatives grow up in the same environment. The only thing they know is they are all in all and must hold powers by hook or crook.

I think, the days are not far away, when the system of this wangchuk computer will crash. Dear halfwits around him, remember, all old files will be deleted from the system when computer is re-formatted. If you are aware, take a side at ‘D’. C drive is the main drive where everything is carried out and everything in this drive will be finished on reformatting the computer.

I will be telling the cyber owner, as I go out of it, please prepare yourself to re-format the computer and install original version of the windows. Here the original version of the system will be people ruling the country. People should choose their rulers. One has no rights to be the ruler just because he or she born in a family. The country is not his. It is of the people.

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See you.


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  1. 1

    AkuTashi said,

    OS: Bhutan
    Virus: Illegal Nepali Immigrants
    Virus Goal: Greater Nepal Aspirations
    Virus Coder: Rizal and Co.
    Virus Propagator: Koirala and Co.
    AntiVirus: Home Ministry

    Quarantine: Failed
    Repair: Failed
    Delete and Reboot: y/n?

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