The Wangchuk economy

The people of this country are not suppressed politically but also economically. The country has been exposed as the most economically advancing in the South Asian region. But have you ever gone through details if the incomes have been invested for benefited to the poor people of the country.

Have you ever studied the nature of the industrial ownership in the country? If not you have been in the dark on how you have been suppressed to this day. How many business companies in Bhutan are being hold by the people or general public. What is the annual income that these companies make annually?

In most productive sectors, the wangchuks have invested or already occupied. Son in law of the second king still occupies most the industrial sector. Ugyen Dorji, the 2nd-Lieut. Royal Bhutan Army 1953 chairs Lakhi Group Org. & Tashi Group of Companies, Unit Trust of Bhutan, the Bhutan Lottery, Bhutan Carbide & Chemicals, and Bhutan Ferro Alloys Ltd.

He was president of Bhutan Chamber of Commerce in 1980, SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry in 2006. He was first married at Bumthang, on 1st August 1955 Ashi Choki Ongmo Wangchuck but later divorced. He again married Topga Rimpoche, eldest daughter of Sir Jigme Wangchuk in 1968. His son by Ashi Ugyen Dorji, a Nepalese descent, Wangchuk Dorji hold the position of vice chairman of the Tashi group.

Most female members of the present wangchuk family have been employed in banks, foreign ministry, agriculture ministry, planning commission, finance ministry, revenue and custom offices and chambers. All important positions in the political circle and economic sectors have been filled the wangchuk relatives. Top positions in agencies like Bhutan Youth Development Fund, UNICEF country representative, Jaycees and Rotary clubs have been occupied by the wangchuk members.

All education institutions have been named after the wangchuks as if there no other people in the country who have toiled for welfare of the country. Why is the history of Shabdrung is vanishing, the contribution of Ugyen Dorji, Jigme Palden Dorji have been ignored.

All in all, now the wangchuks have begun investing in private educational sector as well. Timbers have been their, exports and imports have been their, mineral have been their and now education is in line to be theirs business. Interestingly, all water resources have been sold to India. But don’t regret, all the money is recovered at the finance ministry where Khesar’s aunt is working.

Tired of writing. I will be exploring on many other sectors on which the wangchuks have been playing monopoly, sucking the bloods of the people.

See you later. Bye


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    […] For a Democracy on the economy of Bhutan. “The people of this country are not suppressed politically but also economically. The country has been exposed as the most economically advancing in the South Asian region. But have you ever gone through details if the incomes have been invested for benefited to the poor people of the country.” Share This […]

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    sonam dorji said,

    Correction: Dasho Ugen Dorji founder of the Tashi group aka Dasho Rimp is son of Raja ST Dorji of Bhutan House, Kalimpong. Dasho Rimp’s elder brother was the late prime minister Jigmie Palden Dorji and is sister to HM Royal grandmother Ashi Kesang. Dasho Rimp is not the chairman of Lhaki group as this company is headed by Yab Ugyen Dorji who is a direct competitor to Tashi group and is larger more than ten fold since it began in early 1960’s when Dasho Rimp had virtual monopoly in the private sector untill the late 1980’s. Tashi group’s net worth in the mid 1990’s was estimated by Indian companies to the tune of 1000 crore, and today has grown by leaps and bounds as actual figures have not been ascertained precisely. Topga Rinpoche, nephew of the late Karmapa was a Tibetan lama who married Ashi Chukie Wangmo after Dasho Rimp divorced HRH and married Ashi Savitri Dorji, sister of reknowned advocate Madan Mohan Pradhan of Kalimpong. Their two sons are Dasho Topgyal Dorji educated at St. Joseph’s School Darjeeling, and Dasho Wangchuk Dorji at St. Augustines School, Kalimpong whom are the able owners of the Tashi Group. Dasho Rimp it must be said that though being a member of the Royal family through his sister Ashi Kesang, truely worked hard and persevered in business without the kind of excessive abuses as committed by other individuals and business houses to get rich on the fast track. He was greatly charitable as seen by his countrymen, and beleived in the principles of ethics and success through sheer hardwork and honesty. It is true how the late Dasho Rimp started his business in the 1950’s by experimenting raising poultry right on the grounds of his family home at Bhutan House, Kalimpong which ofcourse all perished – not giving up then attempted fishery, raising bulls in Siliguri and so on even barley having the 7000 rupees needed to buy his first truck which too required the help of loans from his friends. It must be mentioned that the late Dasho Rimp was the reincarnation of the famous Bodey Gomchen Rinpoche of Tibet and was sent off to Lhasa in 1940 where he was under monastic studies and mentoring by the legendary Tsarong Shape, commander-in-chief of the Tibetan army. With his hard work ethic, monastic and military discipline and rightly tapping into his family connections deservedly became Bhutan’s legendary business tycoon. There was no abuse or negative greed and oppression as this article makes him out since it has basic incorrect personal information about him to begin with. Dasho Rimp was truely a kind man at heart and gave generously to the poor, monestaries, hospitals and cancer patients who travelled to Calcutta with a free place to stay. He was hot tempered, shrewed, feared, direct and telling like it is, enjoyed wine, woman, golf and the company of friends and could get haughty and physical if you pissed him off though few did, but was compassionate, sociable, charitable, loved, affectionate, admired and respected by his family members and countrymen as a man of class and integrity. Despite being Bhutan’s first and only billionaire, he was a simple man with few needs and even slept on the hard floor without the basic comfort of a bed. He never wore a rolex instead a cheap casio much less jewellery and wore 100 rupee shirts in a simple house with little or no decor, just a fine bamboo shaft with a portrait of his father Raja ST Dorji placed on the shelf with a couple of swords and rifles hanging on the wall. Even the average Bhutanese merchant lives in much lavish conditions while the late Dasho Rimp was in truth a honest simple man of high discipline who sweated out and earned his keep with no blood stains and was certainly not drunk in power and greed as unfortunately seen in new elite of today’s Bhutanese society.

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    AkuTashi said,

    Sonam Dorji…thanks for clarifying. Otherwise, the blogpost reads like a jigsaw puzzle, whose pieces are borrowed from 10 other puzzles and you’re given the task of making a complete picture out of it. Not fair on the readers.

    Oh, and Lhapaa..more than hoping that readers would draw confused conclusions in favour of your equally confusing post, why don’t you try convincing us with real facts and real arguements?

    Sad, your articles are not challenging enough. Try getting a brain..or at least borrow one when you write.

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    The late Dasho Rinpoche was indeed the reincarnation of Bodhey Gomchen, famous Kargyu lama who had alot of followers from Tibet and Mongolia. In 1940, he was taken to Lhasa by his mother late Rani Chuni Wangmo Dorji, daughter of Maharaja Thutop Namgyal of Sikkim. He was there for about 5 years often stayed at the Tsarong house and attended the elite Nyarongsha School in Lhasa while also peforming his duties as head lama for his monestary. After he returned to Kalimpong sometime 1944-45 he attended St. Joseph’s School, Darjeeling and was part of the North Point Boxing champ team of 1951 along with his younger brother the late Dasho Lenny Dorji. In the early years, he loved reading alot of comics just like any ordinary lad and had the same kind of whims and passions any human would crave. The late Dasho was deeply religious though he may have on the surface appeared otherwise, don’t get me wrong he wasn’t a saint okay he was a shrewed business man but was always supporting worthy causes and himself an ardent devotee of the deity Tara or Jetsun Dolma. After he was creamted at Paro, he left behind his heart in the shape of Jetsun Dolma considered highly auspicious and a sign that he was an extraordinary lama with great vision and ability in whatever he performed. He had an aura around him that was unique and a strong personality sometimes you either liked or hated him though he was pure to the core and you always knew where you stood with him if you got to know him since he always treated and addressed people with respect. His eye contact was piercing as he looked you into the eye when speaking hardly ever smiling and thats how people feel a different dictom of authority around him. He ‘ll shake your hands no matter who you are and may even impress a little kid with a pair of wrangler jeans that he always kept for presents in a bundle. His staff around the clock had to be attentive to his needs and if his travelling chef was a minute late for his routine meals, the late Dasho woud never eat skipping to the next meal – such was the kind of discipline he put on himself and he expected that of his employees too, and thats just the sort of spirit on how he made the Tashi group as the largest business house in the history of Bhutan. It takes a different stroke to do it and the late Dasho did it with finesse and skill like the man he always was in whatever he did or touched that turned to gold like the “midas touch” as reported in the news. He gets up around 5 am chews a dhoma that he likes to store in his landcrusier glove as he’s known to be the early bird that goes fishing and always catches his worm, golfing at Tolllygunge being around his friends and always conversating about business opportunites even late into the evening without getting wasted as most people end up with drinks and is always alert even in his state of intoxication. In the early 1980’s amid a bit tipsy he got into an argument when the visiting Chicago billionare Jay Pritzker who must have provoked him and the late Dasho went ballistic embarassing his brother Dasho Lenny who had invited Jay to Bhutan and hence he really doesn’t give a dam who you were if you got with him on the wrong step. During Bhutanese Losar, he is always in Kalimpong visiting his mother the late Rani Dorji and his sister the Royal grandmother at his family home the Bhutan House and he loves to tag his local friends along to meet with the Royal family. Sometimes, HM Jigme Singye Wangchuk will be there at the Bhutan House as he did in 1994 when the late Rani Dorji passed away. Though it is true that the late Dasho was treated quite unfairly towards the end since he was so had become so huge that the powers that be wanted to downsize him sort of like how the goverment in the US wanted to break Bill Gates. He was overall a very fair man and gave back alot to his people and country without prejudice or partiality accross the board regardless of weather one was a ngalong, sharchop or lhotsampa or a foreigner because he judged you as an individual first and this is why in the final analysis – history will judge him as a great man once lived and to be reincarnated back into the next Bodhey Gomchen Rinpoche.

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    Chimi Wangdi said,

    Dasho Rimp a true selfless hero and one that was greatly admired in Bhutan.

  6. 6

    The late great Dasho Rimp was a man of great vision and charity. He made his fortune through hard work and determination without ever abusing his connnective powers. His persoanility and charisma will be remembered for a long time as a man who truely was a genius ahead of his time and he always made a unique impression on people. He truely was a lama rinpoche with style!

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    Ata Kota said,

    Hi Foks

    Anyone can help me with the 1964 Changlimithang fiasco and Jigmey Pelden Dorjee’s role and assasination in modernisation of Bhutan. Many thanks.

  8. 8

    Aku Drukpa said,

    The credit goes to Lonchen Jigme Palden Dorji who made Bhutan eligible to become a member of the United Nations. He laid the foundation of Bhutan by paying with his life in 1964. He was fiercely loyal to his country and toward the Monarchy. The late Lonchen and his brothers Dasho Rimp and Dasho Lenny have made indelible impressions for our country Bhutan. We are very proud of these great sons that have contributed much to the cause of our Kingdom.

  9. 9

    Sonam Dukpa said,

    Dasho Rimp Dorji born into a royal lineage from both the Wangchuk & Namgyal dynasties of Bhutan & Sikkim. His grandfather & father was the illustrious Raja Ugyen & Raja ST Dorji of Bhutan House,, Kalimpong. His mother Rani Chuni was daughter of Maharaja Thutop Namgyal of Sikkim. For 34 years he was uncle of our 4th Druk Gyalpo & brother of Royal grandmother. He became Bhutan’s number one business tycoon & industrialist & helped others follow his vision. Today the company he built known as the Tashi Group is the largest and the biggest with a reported value of Nu. 3500 crores (US$875 million) He was also the biggest donor & charitable individual in the private sector. He was a very compassionate man deep inside & always lived with integrity & honesty. He was a straight shooter & a decent man despite his authoritative nature. He was after all a Prince by birth & right. He legacy as a successful & generous businessman will long be remembered in Bhutan as a unique icon of wealth & power.

  10. 10

    Palden Drukpa said,

    Wow!! Taj Tashi Five Star Hotel…well done Tashi Group!! The bestest hotel in Bhutan with true ***** amenities. Kya Taj…Kya Tashi..Kya naam..Kya manzill!! Lehzhim mo!!!

  11. 11

    anonymous said,

    the late dasho rimp was a very decent man. he never forgot his friends and loved his country. he did so much to protect the young prince jigme singye throught out the 60’s & early 70’s. bless his soul!

  12. 12

    Arbin Chhetri said,

    Singye Companies will never be able to compete with Tashi Group.

  13. 13

    karma tenzing said,

    tashi has huge advantage over singye because it has large investments in india and other markets. this and the business vision to change and lead is equally huge. dasho topgyal dorji, is also a visionary business leader like his father.

  14. 14

    […] he seems to have the support of the younger Bhutan population. Prior to the 2008 election, a Bhutan blogger wrote that Bhutan was not only politically oppressed by the absolute monarchy, but economically […]

  15. 15

    20th century was for Tashi in Bhutan.21st century is neither for Tashi nor for Singye.It will be for Singye tsechup Group.Research is going for more then a decade.Just wait for some times.

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