Eh! You are not permitted for entertainment

The government still bans many international cable television channels even the demands for them have risen abruptly over the last few years. In addition, the restriction on installing the disc antenna still continues. Is this the way to serve the people and meet what they desire? Ironically, it is not people who have become ruler of this country, it is the autocrats and his nearby followers. Dreams lay aside for a sovereign and powerful people and their representatives.


The fashion TV remains shut in the cable. Do you think this is the justifiable?


Most senior officials and ministers send their children abroad for studies where fashion has become the integral part of the society. Their children become accustomed to open culture and suitably stylish.


Back in the country, the ministers and senior officials restrict the general people, I say mostly the people of new generation, from viewing this TVs. They say it is important to do so to preserve the country’s natural heritage and tradition.


So is the case with MTV. Music has become necessity in your daily life. People rarely live without music. But the rulers are objecting people to enjoy their right of choice. As you read through this piece, make your mind set that you will dance this night at a dance bar.


Mr ruler, are you planning to ban music CDs in the market as well? They are have substituted the MTV if not Fashion TV. Dance clubs in Thimphu bear in mind, the other target will be you because in the eyes of the rulers, you have been violating law.  


During the whole series of recent World Cup Cricket, people had to travel to Paro to quench their thirst. What losses do the government has on allowing the people to install the disc antenna?


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