Private means royals

Hey world! This should be an interesting idea for you to learn from Bhutan’s autocrats.

On Friday, a news came out for public consumption that a private college would be established in this country within the next two years.

The college will be in Nagbephu, Thimphu.

Do you believe this is part of the privatization initiative taken by the Wangchuk government?

I don’t. Private sector does not mean the royal family.
Ashi Kezang Wangmo said she will invest for the private college. Really, this is another wing that Wangchuks are trying to flip to capture the gradually opening private market.

Like in early 1970s when the royal member led private group launched radio later turned into a government properties, no doubt this private college would become a government collage, at least the government donated collage.

Certainly, the education quality in government run schools is deteriorating and sure, the influences will be felt in collages as well in a few years. To catch the private market, royal family member began private college.

According to the draft constitution, the royal family members will not be taxed. But do you think, a private firm like this college be exempted from such taxes because taxes form the backbone for national economy.

The agreement for this royal collage is signed by the ‘vice chancellor’ of Royal University Zhangley Drukpa, education secretary Dasho Pema Thinley, and college’s representative Tenzin Yonten.

In the first batch, the monarchs attempt to suck money from at least 900 poor chaps interested in Bachelors of Arts, Commerce, Business Administration, Computer Applications and Science.

To note here for your notice, almost all educational institutions, business firms and social organizations are either established under the name of royals’ names or have themselves involved in.

To end, we can say, in Bhutan’s context, public or private, business or education, everything means the royal.
Are people sovereign and powerful here!


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    Kaezman said,

    Dear Mr. Writer,

    The forum says “For A Democracy”. And you are exercising you freedom of speech. That is a very pleasant sight. However, freedom of speech does not mean you can go on and say something that is not true. I ask you, are you a Bhutanese to have made such comment? I ask this question, as I find no basis in your writing. Had you made a proper study before writing this article, I would have congratulated you for coming with such an article.


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