Human Rights Groups: Are U Hearing?

Issue of human rights was a distant dream for Bhutan until recently. The so-called draft constitution foolishly guarantees the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For centuries, the rulers avoided human rights activists and the media persons to avoid public consumption of their human rights violations. People did dare to speak of human rights violations but lack knowledge what actions are termed as violations of their rights.

As the international media get influx into the country and government media starts reporting suppressed voice of the people, the examples of notorious acts have begun to come up.

Wow! What a great, the king’s parties began intimidating and threatening people in Bumthang. The Kuensel reported this case but failed to cover that happened in Trashigang and Trashiyangtse few weeks back.

The two papers reported contrast picture of political activities in this districts. Kuensel said there seen no political awakening while Bhutan Times reported people are active into the politics.

But both failed to mention what made the rural people come abruptly into active politics while it is not so even here in Thimphu.

The intimidation by the parties on people began soon they were announced.

The ill-disciplined members of the newly established parties, established on the command of the Jigme Singye, threatened people in Bumthang. They are told anything could happen if they did not fill the forms distributed. The people are given the membership form developed by the parties while it was told the election commission distributed the forms. What a non-sense. 

This is an example of gross violations of human rights.

Some depraved fellows have been dispatched in many rural areas, including Bumthang to terrorise the people and compel them fill the form and pay at least Nu 3000 to parties.

Is this not atrocities carried out by the state on plan manner?

Where are the human rights groups? Are you hearing? Now evaluate, how many such incidents went unnoticed in the past.


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