The confused chimis

LOL! What an amazing. It’s not a surprising thing to know that chimis are still confusing what they should do now. Either to enter the politics or go to nunneries; which is the best option for them?

This week, the government’s puppet Kuensel wrote, chimis are confused on whether they are allowed to go for political campaign on political parties. Surprisingly, I don’t see any ‘real’ political parties formed so far.

New York Times recently had quoted a puppet leader as saying that they formed the political party because they were told by the king to do so. Sure and certain. No matter how much they bark or howl that democratic sun is rising into this isolated state, the Wangchuks would continue to make them the most foolish persons.

Repeatedly, I say, there is no political party in Bhutan. BPUP, PDP or BNP are not distinguishable than BPP, BNDP or BDSP etc.

It is simple, not like a calculus formula in mathematics. They chimis have never known what democracy meant and what political contest means. I don’t think they ever imagined they have to contest for a seat in the parliament. Still, they desire, king withdraw his plan for a democracy. But I repeated, king would keep the word democracy out, let the power concentrate in like what Gyanendra did in Nepal or Idi Amin did in Uganda.

For life, many chimis never attended any public function and addressed them. Speaking in front of a mass of people in open ground has become a sort of fever for these chaps. They desire, they are nominated and given the scarves. Please be sure, you will get that even if you join a king’s party. After all, it is all serving the king, making oil massages for the Wangchuks.

The terrorist government said gups are not allowed to do political campaign. This is the way Bhutan knows what democracy means. Should there not be any local body?

Let you remain unknown forever. Good luck!


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    ugyen said,

    Another Bhutan Blogs, great !!!

  2. 2

    ugyen said,

    Hey Lhakpa or.. so
    Thanks for sharing your blogs with us. good to see Bhutanese Bloggers taking up blogging now.
    happy blogging

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