Ngalongs and Lhotsampas: poisons of the country

There are two carcases in the country that are making it stink. The first ones are Ngalongs and the second ones are the Lhotsampas. The vested interest in both of them, no matter where has the country reached, on verge of collapse.

For decades easterners tolerated for unity among the diverse ethnic groups existing in the country. But it tuned out to be fruitless. These two notorious people finally managed to divulge the country into ethnic conflict that is leading the country towards extinction. Both of them gave enough space for Indians to play with our future thus letting them infuse us with gradual poisoning.

Both the sides, giants are growing to catch the triumph of economic boom, while we remain fighting. Absence of cooperation, disrespect to each other’s identity, gluttony for power and chairs, lack of interest for peace and harmony and initiation for brotherhood and humanity are some of the characteristics these two groups keep. The Ngalongs wishes to keep suppressing all other groups, keeping themselves as the unquestioned rulers of the nation while the Lhotsampas pushes for dominance in all sectors.

We are not in need of all these. Shabdrung had called for cooperation, peace and brotherhood. Buddhism does not teach a person to be rude, cruel or autocratic. All citizens must have equal access and opportunities to state machineries.

In all ways, the most marginalized and suppressed remain the Sarchops, not forgetting to mention the Doyas, Totas, Brokpas, Khengpas among others. All these groups’ presence in the state mechanism and policymaking level is nil.

Autocrat Jigmes (both father and son), whom I like to compare with Idi Amin of Uganda for various reasons, looked not beyond India. For them, India is all in all. Through recent treaty, the Jigme’s sold the vast area of land in Duars to India. I say, this land was used by India on rent. By the time India ends pay rent, it should have been returned to us. In return to the land freely given to India, Jigme would have given the assurance to secure monarchy for a new generation of Khesar.

It won’t be like that because Khesar is an illegitimate offspring to Singye. He was born before his mother became the member of the Wangchuk family. Thus, he is not Wangchuk.

Lhotsamps would never be the ruler of this country. Many of them had come in late 20th century. History says, Sarchops are the most ancient inhabitants of the state. They have the right.

The only solution would be to kick both of these people to secure the rights of the easterners and the ‘adivasis’ in the Indian language.


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  1. 1

    Wangchuk said,

    Dear mr. blogger,

    It is not too late for you to shut down such ideotic write ups and begin a good carrer ahead.
    Why don’t you make a better words in praise of your country.
    The oppertunity is opened up for the people like you to contest in the election and make her what you want.
    Please write anything that takes you and your country towards national unity, peoples happiness and progress.

    Make a habbit of positive criticism.


  2. 2

    wangchuk2 said,

    The blogger is right. The ngalongs and lhotsampas are the most notorious people indeed. For their own personal gain, they have taken the country to the extend where it will suffer ethnic strife for a long time.

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