Feeding The Tyrants

The western world is now providing petrol to the tyrant Bhutan monarchs to strengthen its wings in the efforts to suppress its people. While trying to democratise the country, the donors have failed to ensure that all poor and rural people in the country have been benefited from the state facilities.

Most grants goes to enlarge the size of the pocket of the power players. For years, the government sidelined all those who questioned the activities of the person in decision making level. The development became boons only for those who live in the towns and have influential place in the government circle.

In rural, people and their local leaders are compelled to follow what they receive orders from the higher authority. At the same time, the local leaders are nominated not elected. The elected one follows what his appointer directs. This had restricted the general people speak of what they really in need of.

The latest news is that the World Bank would embark US $ 10 million to Bhutan. No matter, what the chieftains say, the government would use this money to feed the tyrant supporters in some villages. A infringe part of this would reach the hands of the people in rural area.

The World Bank grants and loan in the past has reflected that all the assistances have been concentrated to central and western Bhutan. For us, we have cried for centuries, the state lent deaf ears. The road network in eastern districts is almost non-existence. Few notorious go to shake hands with the tyrant rulers. In the time to come, we would oust them out of the political scene.

The development benefits have even not reached the southern part for decades. For those resettled in the last decade remain out of state eyes. However, they have become the largest population to support national treasury which is used for luxury of the Wangchuks and their followers.

Schools have never been open for all. Those opposing the government officers are barred from getting education. Private institutions are restricted. WB has so far never raised the issue of privatisation in this kingdom. Citizens, who for various reasons don’t have money to study further, are never given opportunities for higher education within the country. Those having enough money, but get enrolment. Poor people have to travel a long way to India or other countries to continue their education if they wish.

Donors have never meant for people empowerment in the case of Bhutan. Happy to say, they are infusing hatred among the people towards the monarchy and the government thus willing to see the country collapse. A credit to India and the Indians to say ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’! 


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